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Human Civilization (03:15)


Civilization has developed over thousands of years as humans learned to use their intelligence. The first human tools were made more than two million years ago.

History (03:14)

Egypt was one of the first established nations. The Phoenicians created the first alphabet and the Romans built roads and infrastructure. The invention of paper, the compass, and gunpowder greatly changed human life.

The Modern Era (01:58)

Many important scientific discoveries happened during the Renaissance. The telescope and the microscope were invented. The first steam engine was created at the end of the 18th century.

The Industrial Era (03:34)

New inventions allowed for advancements in transportation and communication. The fields of medicine and science advanced with new studies and discoveries.

Credits: Civilization's Progress (00:45)

Credits: Civilization's Progress

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Civilization's Progress

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Our present-day civilization is the result of a learning process that has taken thousands of years. Human beings have slowly developed their intelligence and utilized the possibilities offered to mankind by nature. This program covers the major advances of humankind throughout the ages. Beginning more than two million years ago, the program covers how people created the first tools, discovered fire, invented the wheel, created written language, and more. It continues to the advances of the Modern Era, discussing the Renaissance, Copernicus and the Solar System, the microscope, and the telescope. Lastly, it continues into the Industrial Era, focusing on the impact of transportation technology and the creation of trains and cars.

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