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Life in Tropical Regions: Introduction (02:34)


Temperature and humidity differences create climatic diversity on Earth. Direct sunlight and diverse precipitation rates contribute to regional ecosystems in the tropics.

Equatorial Jungle (04:49)

Learn about temperature, precipitation, and plant life in tropical forests. Dense canopies restrict sunlight and increase plant competition. Insect and bird species are abundant, while mammals are scarce.

Tropical Savanna (02:56)

Learn about temperature and precipitation patterns in grasslands that support large herd animal populations. Hear species examples.

Desert (01:47)

Learn about temperature and precipitation patterns. Plants and animals have adapted to harsh conditions.

Life in Tropical Regions: Summary (01:33)

Temperature and humidity differences contribute to diverse environments. Hear facts about equatorial jungles, tropical savannas and deserts.

Credits: Life in Tropical Regions (00:48)

Credits: Life in Tropical Regions

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Life in Tropical Regions

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The tropics is one of the most stunning regions on the planet. Given the diversity of the tropics’ climate and habitat, life has adapted quite uniquely. Explore the tropics and tropical savannahs, and find out where they are located. Learn about the equatorial jungles and their temperatures, their rainfall, and the plant and animal life found in them.

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