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Introduction: Nursing Theory: Application to Nursing Practice (04:32)


Theory, practice, and research comprise the triad of nursing. Watch a vignette where a patient complains of pain in her right leg. The nurse realized she suffered from deep vein thrombosis by comparing the temperature of both legs.

Theory (10:52)

Nursing theory examines interrelated concepts, definitions, relationships and assumptions. Interventions must be realistic and acceptable to the patient for a successful outcome. The nurse and her student decide to provide pain management, address concerns about a changes of lifestyle, and emphasize the importance of taking medication and periodic laboratory testing.

Evaluation (03:05)

Nurses must evaluate interactions to provide effective care. Watch a role-play where the patient understands her change of lifestyle and participates in her treatment regiment. Incorporate nursing theory into your practice and apply a nursing lens.

Credits: Nursing Theory: Application to Nursing Practice (00:40)

Credits: Nursing Theory: Application to Nursing Practice

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Nursing Theory: Application to Nursing Practice

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Nursing theory is the foundation of knowledge for the direction and delivery of nursing care and is used to describe, explain, predict, and develop a plan of nursing care. This program presents the learner with important concepts about how nursing theory is applied to the care of patients. It distinguishes between "grand theories" and mid-range theories, teaches how to implement an expanded nursing assessment, and details how to perform appropriate nursing interventions and evaluations.

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