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In 1999, the Institute of Medicine published "To Err is Human." Medical errors are one of the leading causes of death in the United States. Learn terminology pertaining to medical errors. The National Quality Forum coined the term serious reportable events.

The Most Common Causes of Medical Errors (02:35)

Human factors that cause medical errors include fatigue, illness, medication, environmental factors, and lack of education. Multiple expert shifts results in fatigue and diminished attention to detail. Improper patient identification can lead to medical or procedural mistakes.

The Most Common Types of Medical Errors (05:32)

Common errors occur more frequently in elders, children, and those residing in the Intensive Care Unit. Slightly over thirteen percent of sentinel events were associated with wrong site procedures. Thirty-three billion dollars was spent attempting to combat health-care associated infections.

Approaches to Preventing Medical Errors (06:27)

The Institute of Medicine recommended adapting a never error policy with hospitals. The Joint Commission established the National Patient Safety Goals, a protocol designed to assist organizations in addressing concerns regarding patient safety. The Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality conducts and supports research to identify the underlying causes of preventable healthcare error; the Centers for Medicaid and Medicare created a list of hospital-acquired events that insurance will not reimburse.

Institutional Actions to Reduce Medical Errors (02:16)

System wide interventions must be implemented to prevent medical error recurrences. A Safety Committee should be formed to monitor the hospital, establish leadership structures, promote communication, and educate workers in new standards of care.

Conclusion (01:02)

electronic monitoring of patients, pulse oximetry, and digital identification has plummeted patient mortality rates.

Credits: Medical Errors, Part 1: New Approaches to an Old Problem (00:47)

Credits: Medical Errors, Part 1: New Approaches to an Old Problem

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This program offers general recommendations for system-wide changes to enhance medication safety. It explains the various aspects of the “systems approach to error prevention,” including reporting systems, standardized safety procedures and safety training. The program describes the importance of applying lessons learned from sentinel events and identifies the key attributes of building a new culture of safety to prevent medication errors.

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