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Creation of Smart City Department (03:27)


Spain experience record levels of unemployment in 2009. Barcelona city government began to examine how information technology could be used to run the city more efficiently.

Opinion on Smart City Initiative (03:38)

Dr. Gemma Galdon Clavell says Barcelona should be more transparent. Bushiness selling the technology benefit the most.

Superblocks (03:48)

Carlo Ratti shares his opinion on Barcelona's approach to smart city planning. Urban cells are being built on existing street grids; interiors are used for community spaces.

Urban Mobility Plan (02:46)

Prof. James Pomeroy speaks with the city councilor in charge of mobility in Barcelona. Most people in the city walk, but cars take up a lot of space.

FabLabs (07:29)

Prof. Boyd Cohen thinks the age of turning Barcelona into a smart city is over because of new leadership. Citizens want and need to develop the city. Prof. Pomeroy shares his final thoughts on Barcelona.

Credits: Barcelona, Spain, Episode 6 (23:29)

Credits: Barcelona, Spain, Episode 6

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Barcelona, Spain, Episode 6

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Full of history, Barcelona has reinvented itself time and again to become one of the world’s most influential cities. Today, the smart city of Barcelona is not the smart city it was five years ago – and architect Jason Pomeroy is there to find out what a smart city 2.0 looks like…

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