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Civic Hacking (02:00)


Singapore aims to become the world's first smart nation. Prof. James Pomeroy meets with Jaqueline Poh, CEO of the Government Technology Agency. She explains the benefits of utilizing the collective wisdom of citizens.

Virtual Singapore (03:07)

Singapore is evolving its national database to improve the lives of citizens. Director of the National Research Foundation explains how. Citizens use this as a planning tool for a variety of needs.

Deep Learning Technology (02:25)

Japanese tech giant Fujitsu has developed an app to reward commuters who ride outside of rush hour traffic. Vehicular, facial, and clothing algorithms can be used to recognize objects and search for specific scenes utilized for safety and other issues.

Responsive Cities (06:13)

Singapore is positioning itself as a research center for smart technology. Saskia Sassen thinks the nation has developed several types of intelligence across the city. City planners can predict the behaviors of parts of the city to create a more livable environment.

Future Cities Laboratory (03:29)

Prof. Pomeroy rides a bike in virtual reality. This tool is used to encourage people to use bicycles instead of cars. Data is integrated to help city planning.

Smart Stuff That Works (04:24)

The key to turning Singapore into a smart nation is teaching people to have an open mind. IT Students learn using virtual reality. Prof. Pomeroy shares his final thoughts on Singapore.

Credits: Singapore, Episode 4 (00:40)

Credits: Singapore, Episode 4

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Singapore, Episode 4

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Singapore has achieved stunning economic growth in just over 50 years, and now, the city-state is setting its sights on the next frontier—smart nationhood. Jason finds out how Singapore is turning to data and technology to tackle the persistent problems of city living.

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