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Hawaii's Musical Instrument (04:34)


The Kamaka family has built ukuleles since 1916. Family members discuss the importance of the instrument in Hawaiian culture and how they construct them.

Four Generations of Kamaka Artists (05:36)

Jake Shimabukuro describes why he prefers Kamaka and Sons ukuleles. Chris Kamaka performs quality assurance testing on each musical instrument.

Jazz Is Creative (05:53)

Every night musicians played a different solo in the Count Basie Orchestra. Dave Monette builds custom trumpets in Portland. Dean Willoughby explains how he started working in the shop after purchasing a trumpet.

Trumpet Production (05:29)

Wynton Marsalis purchases a new horn every year. Monette's trumpets possess a constant pitch center that prevents the instrument from changing pitch when volume increases. Scotty Barnhart reviews the production of his new trumpet.

Stelling Banjo Works (08:06)

Geoff Stelling creates bluegrass banjos in the Blue Ridge Mountains. Tony Ellis describes why he abandoned the trumpet to play the banjo. Joshua Ryalls creates aesthetic designs out of shell.

Hartel banjos (06:49)

William E. Ellis traces the African American roots of the banjo. Jim Hartel builds the minstrel version. Rhiannon Giddens discusses the controversies surrounding performing in blackface.

Percussion Instruments (07:45)

Joseph Pereira plays the timpani drums for the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra. Jason Ginter discusses the process of making various mallets. Calfskin heads have a larger wider sound than goatskin.

Martin Guitars (08:50)

Woody Guthrie, Muddy Waters, George Harrison, Johnny Cash, Elvis Presley and Hank Williams all purchased guitars from the company. Artists discuss their work in the custom shop. The shop now writes "Too bad you are a communist" inside every model of the Joan Baez guitar.

Credits: Craft in America: Music (00:58)

Credits: Craft in America: Music

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Music focuses on finely crafted handmade instruments and the world-renowned artists who play them, demonstrating the perfect blend of form and function. By exploring how various instruments are perfected, Music also offers viewers a unique journey through our country’s past, detailing the contributions of jazz and Appalachian roots music to the American cultural landscape, as well as the intersection of the guitar and political activism, and how the legacy of West African instruments is embedded in the American banjo.

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