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Hudson River Valley (06:22)


The Hudson River Valley in New York had inspired numerous artists. The Hudson River School contributed to the developed of the American artistic style of nature and landscape paintings. Cole saw untouched landscapes as gifts from God.

Thomas Cole (06:37)

Thomas Cole had no formal artistic training, but his inspiration came from a love of poetry and literature. In 1825, three of his paintings of the Hudson River Valley drew the attention of the New York art scene. He became known as the best landscape painter in America and opened a studio in Catskill, New York.

Cole's European Inspiration (07:35)

Cole visited European painters from 1829 to 1832 and greatly admired French artist Claude Lorrain. Cole started painting panoramic landscapes in a similar style when he returned to America. “The Course of Empire” was a collection that drew inspiration from classical and medieval ruins in Italy.

Asher B. Durand (06:19)

Asher B. Durand was born in rural New Jersey. He had a natural talent for drawing and became a well-known engraver. He grew tired of engraving and started painting landscapes with Cole, who was his close friend.

Durand and Cole (07:39)

Durand took over leadership of the Hudson River School after Cole's death. He was commissioned to paint "Kindred Spirits" in honor of Cole. In the 1850s, Durand started painting a realistic view of nature.

Frederic Edwin Church (05:12)

Frederic Edwin Church was educated in art as a child and became Cole's apprentice. Church grew as an artist under Cole and adapted his style of sketching and painting. Church painted historical landscapes, including many of his native Connecticut.

Church's Iconic Landscapes (09:12)

Church's "The Niagara" is the most famous painting of Niagara Falls. He was widely praised for how he captured the feeling of being at the falls. He painted "The Heart of the Andes" during a trip to Ecuador.

Albert Bierstadt (07:30)

Albert Bierstadt was a German-born American painting instructor. He befriended American and German artists, who he traveled through European with. He sketched and painted Native Americans and the Rocky Mountains as he traveled through the American west.

Jasper Cropsey (12:22)

Jasper Cropsey was born in New York and started a career in architecture as a teenager. He became interested in watercolors and then moved onto oil paintings. He was influenced by Cole but became known for paintings of autumn landscapes.

Credits: The Hudson River School: Artistic Pioneers (02:15)

Credits: The Hudson River School: Artistic Pioneers

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Artistic Pioneers

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In the vicinity of New York's Hudson River Valley, a group of American painters led by British born artist Thomas Cole forged an artistic vision of the wilderness. This was the first American school of landscape painting. Men with the names of Cole, Durand, Cropsey, Bierstadt, and Church would impress the world with their creative brilliance and wondrous vision. On canvas they would bring to life 19th century America.

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