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"Wolf Hall": Noticing Jane (03:56)


The pope and Eustache Chapuys refuse to recognize King Henry VIII head of the Church of England or his marriage to Anne Boleyn. The summer progress arrives at Wolf Hall. Thomas Cromwell sees the king woo Jane Seymour in the garden.

"Wolf Hall": Aligning with the Seymours (01:56)

Cromwell advises Jane to pray if the king attempts to seduce her to appeal to his piety and sense of honor.

"Wolf Hall": Kimbolton Castle (03:39)

Catherine of Aragon asks to see her daughter, Lady Mary and empathizes with Anne Boleyn's miscarriage. Cromwell does not know if the queen is pregnant.

"Wolf Hall": Dog Dies (04:21)

Lady Rochford confirms that Anne is pregnant again. Anne asks Cromwell to ruin Mary's reputation. Cromwell attests that Jane is just a distraction.

"Wolf Hall": Ambassador to the Vatican (02:21)

Cromwell assures Eustace Chapuys that the nuns and monks wanted to leave when the commissioners visited their abbeys. When Cromwell asks quietly what Emperor Charles V would gain from starving England, Chapuys says it would prove how badly governed the kingdom of England is. Catherine is dying.

"Wolf Hall": Asking for Permission (03:59)

Henry refuses to negotiate with Chapuys until he formally recognizes Anne as his queen. Catherine wrote a letter to the king before she died. Anne watches Jane and the king flirt.

"Wolf Hall": Arson (02:53)

Anne's curtains catch fire. Cromwell promises Lady Jane Rochford a reward for information.

"Wolf Hall": Preparing for Jousting Tournament (04:09)

Cromwell asks Henry to not unhorse his son. Gregory is disappointed when his father is unable to watch the tournament.

"Wolf Hall": Jousting Accident (03:29)

Richard Cromwell announces that the king is dead. Rafe leaves to get Princess Mary, who will be assassinated by the Boleyns if Henry dies. Cromwell revives Henry.

"Wolf Hall": Aftermath (04:13)

William Fitzwilliam urges that Cromwell join forces with the Boleyn's enemies. Henry rebukes Anne in public.

"Wolf Hall": Another Miscarriage (04:19)

Henry laments his lack of a male heir and that Anne may have seduced him. The Seymours share gossip about Jane and the king's relationship. Cromwell insists that he is only interested in what the king wants.

"Wolf Hall": manipulation and Fear (04:13)

Stephen Gardiner explains that Cromwell's father bribed the family of the man Cromwell killed. Cromwell advises Chapuys on how to succeed with Henry.

"Wolf Hall": Mass at Court (04:57)

Chapuys acknowledges Anne publicly. Cromwell explains that by the ambassador recognizing Anne as queen, the king will be free to remove her from power. Henry explodes in a rage at Cromwell for acting like a king.

"Wolf Hall": No Friends (04:18)

Cromwell reflects on his relationship with his father. George Boleyn gloats about Cromwell's fall from grace. Henry agrees to discuss an alliance with Emperor Charles for the good of the kingdom.

"Wolf Hall": Walking with Henry (05:29)

Henry asks Cromwell for assistance getting rid of Anne. Rafe Sadler divulges that the men at court do not believe that Henry will father Anne's next child. Cardinal Wolsey haunts Cromwell, telling him he needs to give the king a new wife.

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall- Episode 5 (00:43)

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall- Episode 5

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Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 5

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With Anne pregnant again and away from court, Henry begins to take notice of Jane Seymour. Anne hears of this and threatens Cromwell to make terms with her before her son is born. But has she overplayed her cards?

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