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"Wolf Hall": Promised a Son (03:10)


King Henry VIII crowned Anne Boleyn despite the objections of the Pope and the Catholic Church. The Queen returns to Whitehall with a daughter. She commands Thomas Cromwell to send Princess Mary to become Elizabeth's servant.

"Wolf Hall": Unexpected Ally (02:36)

Lady Rochford offers to spy on Anne and taunts Cromwell about his feelings for Jane Seymour. Elizabeth Barton has received Bishop John Fisher and aristocrats who harbor disloyalty towards the king.

"Wolf Hall": Questioning Barton (03:52)

Britain explains how Bishop John Fisher and aristocrats visit her and offer support. Cromwell believes the nun is a fraud.

"Wolf Hall": Questioning Aristocrats (03:32)

Cromwell interrogates Fisher and Margaret Pole and demands they write the king a confession.

"Wolf Hall": Heretics (03:38)

Henry is astounded who has confessed to colluding with Barton. Cromwell compares the king to a tamed lion and asks Thomas More to sign the oath.

"Wolf Hall": Political Difficulties (04:37)

Anne argues details in the Act Respecting the Oath of Succession and demands that More is arrested for heresy. Archbishop Cranmer, Thomas Audley, the Duke of Norfolk, and Cromwell collude to convince the king of More's innocence.

"Wolf Hall": Act of Rebellion (06:11)

Henry VIII relents but insists More sign the act respecting the oath of succession. Anne is pregnant again. More refuses explaining he will not say that the king is the head of the church.

"Wolf Hall": Queen Miscarries (05:11)

Jane and Lady Rochford find blood on the carpet. Cromwell interrogates More in prison. Authorities arrested William Tyndale.

"Wolf Hall": Grief at Greenwich Palace (03:27)

Anne demands that Cromwell make More explain why he will not sign the oath. Henry drops the pretense of friendship and insists that More be tried and convicted.

"Wolf Hall": Pleading for Mercy (04:06)

Hans Holbein paints a portrait of Cromwell. Alice More begs for forgiveness for her stubborn husband.

"Wolf Hall": Changing More's Mind (05:10)

Cromwell asks More to throw himself upon the king's mercy, but More refuses. Richard Rich leaves to collect the prisoner's books.

"Wolf Hall": Trial (04:46)

Richie Rich brings forward fraudulent testimony. More says if he said what Rich claimed, it was done without malice. After being found guilty, More explains that he stands against Henry.

"Wolf Hall": More's Death (02:47)

Cromwell orders More's execution. Flashbacks occur of the two meeting when they were young.

"Wolf Hall": Cromwell Falls Ill (05:33)

Hallucinating, More asks his dead wife to "let me love her." Cromwell adds five days of the king's summer progress at Wolf Hall. The court visits the Seymour house.

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 4 (00:39)

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 4

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Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 4

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Anne gives birth to a baby girl, failing to produce Henry’s longed for male heir. Cromwell requires the nobility and church to swear an oath acknowledging Anne as lawful Queen. But will Thomas More agree?

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