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"Wolf Hall": Pope Refuses Annulment (04:04)


King Henry VIII wants Parliament to declare him supreme head of the Church of England. Thomas More is loyal to Rome and the Catholic Church. Thomas Cromwell informs Katherine of Aragon and Princess Mary that they are to move to the country.

"Wolf Hall": Holy Maid (04:57)

Johane Williamson worries that God will not be happy with what Cromwell is doing to the government. Elizabeth Barton prophesized that the king will die if he marries Anne Boleyn. The Parliament passes the declaration.

"Wolf Hall": Obtaining a Divorce (04:05)

Richard Cromwell brings a note from William Tyndale, who refuses to support the king's divorce. Thomas More believes that he does not need to keep promises he makes to heretics. Mary Boleyn confirms that Anne and Henry have not had intimate relations.

"Wolf Hall": Priest of Baal (02:51)

Anne promises to obtain James Bainham's release. Cromwell wants to give a gift to Jane Seymour.

"Wolf Hall": Tortured (04:26)

More explains that Bainham has recanted his heresy and been released and wonders why Cromwell picked this time to weaken the power of the Catholic Church. Williamson confesses that her mother knows about the affair; Francis Bryan Interrupts

"Wolf Hall": Boleyn Scandal (02:38)

Harry Percy attests that he is married to Anne. Cardinal Wolsey fixed the situation in the past and want Cromwell to solve it now.

"Wolf Hall": Threatening Percy (04:03)

Cromwell explains that he will call in all of Percy's debts and have the king seize his lands if he persists in sharing his relationship with Anne.

"Wolf Hall": Anne and Henry Reunite (04:36)

More resigns as Lord Chancellor. Cromwell tells Anne to appoint Thomas Audley and Thomas Cranmer. Cromwell advises More to write only a little and pray often.

"Wolf Hall": Drunken Henry (03:12)

The king confides that he shakes with unsatisfied lust for Anne and is impotent with other women. Henry appoints Cromwell keeper of the Jewel House.

"Wolf Hall": Canterbury Cathedral (02:27)

Barton proclaims that the King will die if he does not burn the heretics surrounding him. Henry becomes upset. Cromwell offers to pay the sister to communicate with Cardinal Wolsey.

"Wolf Hall": In Calais (03:37)

Anne flirts with King Francis, enraging Henry VIII. Cromwell asks Edward Seymour if his father has made a match for Jane. Mary asks for a bible.

"Wolf Hall": Intimate Relations (02:10)

Mary divulges that Anne is naked in Henry's arms and will know how to help the monarch if he is shy.

"Wolf Hall": Westminster Abbey (03:34)

Anne marries Henry. Bainham cannot restrain himself from preaching scripture during a church service. Cromwell offers to help the lawyer escape the Tower of London.

"Wolf Hall": Saving Bainham (05:35)

Cromwell asks if More has seen Barton. A visibly pregnant Anne is crowned queen. Bainham dies at the stake.

"Wolf Hall": Confinement (06:06)

Anne withdraws from public eye. Jane Seymour thanks Cromwell for the present. Henry VIII feels that a male child will prove his cause.

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 3 (00:40)

Credits: Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 3

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Masterpiece: Wolf Hall - Episode 3

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It falls to Thomas Cromwell to orchestrate a marriage between the King and Anne Boleyn. Cromwell is rewarded for his loyalty by the King, but he is being closely watched by his enemies.

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