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Turmoil in the Middle East (05:13)


Martin Smith travels to the Middle East to study ISIS. A major ISIS stronghold lies in the city of Mosul; Iraqi forces move toward the city. Smith travels to a town where Kurdish fighters drove ISIS out, but the town lies in ruins.

ISIS Terrorist Activity (08:09)

ISIS entered Mosul and many residents welcomed them into the community. In a matter of hours, Iraq's second largest city was taken by the militants and government officials surrendered, surprising American military officials. Hundreds of U.S.-made weapons and vehicles were surrendered into the hands of ISIS.

Extreme Violence (05:19)

ISIS utilized an apocalyptic marketing campaign to recruit fighters from all over the world. They directly targeted America by releasing the video of James Foley's execution. Secretary of Defense Chuck Hagel delivered a speech revealing facts about threats posed by ISIL.

Coalition Against ISIS (11:15)

Having intermingled with local populations, ISIS attempted to build religious states in the cities they controlled. They improved structure and engaged in violent forms of justice. The American defense department decided to increase forces in Iraq and equip them to defeat ISIS.

U.S. Relations With Turkey (10:23)

The first big battle took place in Kobani, Syria. NATO and Turkey refused to let the coalition use an airbase as ISIS overtook the region. A minority group of Kurdish militants kept Turkish officials from intervening; U.S. intervention meant terrible consequences for international relations in the Middle East.

ISIS vs. Saudi Arabia (09:45)

The U.S. and Turkey faced off as the air campaign continued, but the Obama Administration wanted Arab allies to stamp out ISIS propaganda. Smith traveled to Saudi Arabia to better understand the U.S./Saudi alliance. Government officials in Saudi Arabia explain that Sharia Law sets them apart from ISIS.

Muath Al-Kasasbeh's Execution (09:19)

Jordan has been a reliable U.S. ally for many years, but Abu Musab al-Zarqawi has significant support in the country. Lamis Andoni says there was a debate on whether Jordan would be more or less safe if they engaged in a war against ISIS; a Jordanian pilot was captured and executed by ISIS.

Responding to Jihadist Executions (04:16)

After the release of the ISIS video showing the Jordanian pilot's execution, the Jordanian parliament held a meeting. In Raqqa, Syria, the video was played for crowds. The king of Jordan broadcasted a message, distinguishing the terrorist group from the Islamic religion.

Iraqi Militias Opposing America (09:11)

Six months into the war on ISIS the U.S.-led coalition had made next to no progress in defeating the enemy and efforts to rebuild the Iraqi Army moved slowly. Shiite militias worked to retake towns captured by ISIS, beginning in Tikrit. The U.S. government opposed secretariat violence, but many Sunni Muslims supported the militias.

Shiite Militias (03:06)

Militia propaganda is heavy in Baghdad. Smith questions Prime Minister Abadi about control of militia forces; Abadi vows zero tolerance of excesses. Smith questions the head of the Badr militia about Shia abuses.

Syrian Recruitment (08:28)

ISIS took Ramadi, following its surrender of Tikrit, and advanced further into Syria. General John Allen talks about the optimism leaders had as they began recruiting and training Syrian fighters. The recruits had to sign a problematic pledge claiming to fight only ISIS, not Assad.

Russian Action in Syria (09:27)

In Damascus, locals expressed concern over the gains ISIS had made in the region; President Assad acknowledged his army was retreating. Satellite images showed a large number of Russian bombers in northern Syria. President Putin raised hopes Russia may join the fight against ISIS, but days later implemented airstrikes to bolster the Assad regime.

Coalition in the Middle East (09:44)

The ISIS attack in Paris turned the focus of the Antalya Summit; two weeks later an ISIS-inspired attack occurred in San Bernardino, CA. President Obama appealed to allies, but Saudi Arabia created a coalition focusing on America's new nuclear deal with Iran. Shortly thereafter, Saudi Arabia executed Iranian-educated Shiite cleric, Nimr al-Nimr.

Removing the Power of ISIS (06:44)

The U.S. shoulders more of the fight against ISIS and works closely with the Iraqi military; ISIS remains a lethal terrorist organization. Sunni's receive backlash from other Islamic sects and continue to be persecuted.

Credits: Confronting ISIS (01:04)

Credits: Confronting ISIS

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