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Military Crisis in Benghazi (05:00)


Correspondent Feras Kilani describes his experience in Benghazi, Libya, a violent and dangerous war zone at the time of his report; ISIS is the most important power in the area. Kilani has reported in the area many times since their 2011 revolution when celebrations marked the overthrow of Muammar Gaddafi's regime. He is with a powerful militia called the Benghazi Anti-Terrorism Unit led by Faris Guyen.

Libyan Army Coalition (04:49)

ISIS has taken advantage of the political chaos happening in Libya following the revolution and the fall of their dictator. The influential head of the Libyan Army is General Khalifa Haftar; he attempts to bring all the anti-ISIS militias under his command. Guyen explains his view on the political problems in his country, which is that the army leadership has gotten involved in their political system.

Living on the Front Lines (05:16)

More than 100,000 Benghazi residents have been displaced by fighting in the city center. Kilani travels to an abandoned school where many displaced citizens are living. This school has reopened, but the travel to classes is dangerous for students and teachers.

Yemen Under Siege (05:09)

Journalist Safa Al Ahmad has been reporting in Yemen for six years on the rise of Al Qaeda and then the outbreak of civil war leading to a military intervention by a Saudi Arabian coalition. Ahmad visits Aden and finds it has been almost completely destroyed. A rebel group called the Houthis marked the beginning of Yemen's unraveling as the pushed southward trying to gain control of the country; Abu Mishal and his fellow fighters work to defend their city from the militant control of the Houthis.

Al-Qaeda in Yemen (08:10)

The strategically located city of Taiz is the center of the deadlock between the Houthis and the Saudi coalition; no reliable information has been coming out of the city, so Ahmad decides to visit the battlefront herself in order to report on the situation. The team runs into a group of Al-Qaeda who has been secretly fighting with the Yemeni factions against the ISIS forces. Ahmad reaches Taiz through a treacherous mountain pass used by smugglers carrying food, wood, oil medicine, and weapons into the city on camels.

Effects of War in Taiz (09:07)

Half the population of Taiz has fled the region and the remaining are at the mercy of those controlling the hilltops surrounding the city; a young soldier talks about how he and other fighters were forced into a war. The people are searched frequently as they are forced to go through checkpoints maintained by both sides of the fight. The hospital in Taiz is constantly suffering from lack of basic resources like oxygen tanks needed for general anesthesia.

Religious and Political Corruption (10:43)

Many people in Taiz depend on Hamoud Al-Makroti, the leader of the Anti-Houthi resistance, to save their city from the Islamic Extremists. Makroti says the support of the Saudi Coalition and the Americans is not enough for his to successfully protect the innocent citizens of Taiz. There have been ongoing peace talks but neither the Houthis nor the Yemenis have stood down from the fight for long; the schools in the war-torn city have been closed for many months.

Finals Thoughts on Yemen (01:09)

The ramifications for the ongoing war for Yemen on the city of Taiz continue to massively devastate the region. Ahmad believes the country has completely failed its people and is crumbling to pieces. The UN began peace talks in the region, but the siege on Taiz continues.

Credits: Benghazi In Crisis (00:60)

Credits: Benghazi In Crisis

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