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Religious Ancient Ruins (02:14)


Saint Paul was instrumental in the spreading of the Christian faith during the early days of the new religion. Among the ruins of Ephesus, presenter Jonathan Phillips finds a shrine to the Apostle Paul.

Judaism Expands Through Rome (05:18)

Judaism was beginning to spread as Paul, then known as Saul, was born in the city of Tarsus. Tarsus was known for academia. The two important religious groups were the Sadducees and the Pharisees.

Paul's Religious Transformation (06:03)

Saul was one of the men responsible for the murder of Saint Stephen, the first of the Christian martyr. On his way home from Damascus, Saul had a profound religious experience. He claimed he had a vision from God and would now be called Paul.

Paul's Christian Education (04:52)

Barnabas sought Paul to become his spiritual mentor and teacher. Dr. Jerome Murphy-O'Connor explains the relationship between Barnabas and Paul. Dr. Larry Kreitzer explains the origin of the term “Christian;” Phillips visits the only remaining Catholic church in a majority Islamic region.

Missionaries to Antioch (03:35)

Paul and Barnabas spend a year ministering to the people of Antioch; the missionaries traveled along the Mediterranean. The best way for the ancient Romans to travel was by sea. Paul and Barnabas preached to Jews and the Gentiles.

Saint Thekla (05:00)

Traveling along the Roman road system was difficult. Paul was cast into prison in a Roman city. Dr. Scott E. Johnson talks about Christian legends which sprung up around the time of his imprisonment.

Christian Doctrine (07:49)

A group of pagans believe Barnabas and Paul are the Greek gods Zeus and Hermes. The two missionaries faced persecution from Jewish Christians who thought the religion was not for the Gentiles. James and Paul had serious theological disputes.

Paul's Second Missionary Journey (03:08)

Barnabas and Paul returned to Antioch to prepare for their second missionary journey. Phillips visits Saint Peter’s Grotto, one of the first and remaining Antioch Christian churches.

Europe's First Christian Church (08:48)

Paul believed he was being called away from Asia Minor to spread Christianity through what is now modern-day Europe. Lydia was the first person to be baptized in Europe and was a financial supporter of Paul’s ministry. Lydia and her relatives created the first European church.

Paul's Attack in Thessaloniki (05:13)

Paul worked day and night as a tent maker and ministered to the people who lived in the second largest Greek city. The Jewish and Pagan citizens of Thessaloniki were displeased with the teachings and drove the missionaries away from the city.

Credits: The Great Missionary (01:11)

Credits: The Great Missionary

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