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Understanding Sustainability (04:04)


In a forest ecosystem, everything that goes into it is used and nothing is wasted. Sustainability in urban environments provides for the present without threatening the future.

Sustainable Cities (04:58)

Most cities are not sustainable. Cities can create a cycle of energy usage and pollution to combat the effects heat created by sunlight on building materials. Protecting urban ecosystems helps the quality of life of urban residents.

Teaching Sustainability (03:42)

An environmental science teacher in Illinois uses poker chips to illustrate available natural resources. Students must learn to communicate to understand how best to use their resources.

Ecological Footprint (03:10)

This footprint describes the impact a society has on the environment. Understanding it can help society use natural resources more efficiently.

Credits: Elements of Sustainability: Part 2 - Energy (00:09)

Credits: Elements of Sustainability: Part 2 - Energy

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Elements of Sustainability: Part 2 - Energy

Part of the Series : Going to Green
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What are the different types of energy sources used in the United States? What is the impact of overall energy consumption on global climate change? What is energy conservation and how do we promote it in our communities? This topic will examine the future of a variety of alternative sources of fuel.

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