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Creating a Culturally-Aware Industry (06:00)


Jeffrey Bowman explains the process of transforming marketing communications. The traditional advertising agency model was built on a monocultural society; society is now polycultural. Bowman describes the history of multicultural agencies and their role today.

Restructuring for a Cross-Cultural Approach (09:28)

John Immesoete describes the old model. Bowman explains how this model creates inequality by stereotyping, and argues the younger generation needs a new way of thinking about the process. He advocates for prioritizing cross-cultural insights to reach people on a personal level.

Early Career and Lessons (08:01)

Bowman describes his learning experiences on the client side of advertising. He learned to manage expectations through communication and be adaptable. Bowman is interested in brand management and creativity; at Ogilvy he learned about the client-agency relationship.

Innovation and Success (01:49)

Immesoete discusses the importance of grit and how successful people recognize opportunities and create new ones. Bowman agrees it is important to take leaps and learn from obstacles.

Credits: A Conversation With Jeffrey Bowman: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Jeffrey Bowman: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Jeffrey Bowman: Conversations with Giants

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Jeffrey Bowman, founder and CEO of REFRAME: The Brand™, joins John to talk about management consulting, what Jeffrey calls the new majority opportunity, and why he thinks marketers should re-evaluate the standard agency model.

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