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"Fearless Girl" Campaign (05:46)


Sean Bryan and Tom Murphy describe their campaign for a financial company that promoted female leadership. They discuss responses in the media and within families.

Socially Relevant Advertising (05:18)

John Immesoete speculates the younger generation is less engaged with TV, but big ideas are more important. Making an ad meaningful and presenting it in the right format is central. Bryan and Murphy were shocked at the response the statue received and the debate it inspired about public art.

Expanding Advertising With Technology (06:30)

Bryan and Murphy describe the group virtual reality experience they created for kids, which combines a big idea and storytelling with new technology. Technology can engage kids in new ways. Using new tools for entertainment is an important opportunity.

Continuing Relevance of TV (03:49)

Video, including TV, is still important as a way to tell a story for a brand. TV ads can promote a brand narrative while referencing other programs or events.

Creative Team (08:50)

Bryan and Murphy have worked together for 22 years at three companies. They describe the trust, respect, and communication that has made them successful. They have considered working together on a bigger project and discuss colleagues who have gone on to write books or make films.

Positive Workplace (04:11)

Murphy and Bryan reflect on important role models and principles of leadership. As CCOs they prioritize creating a fun, collaborative environment so that people enjoy working together. Immesoete adds that a balance of competition and passion produces the best work.

Best and Worst Advertising Work (05:24)

Bryan asserts that shifting the message and success of large brands is the work he is most proud of. Murphy argues that projects that go beyond ads are most engaging and satisfying for him. They recall their least successful work.

Online Criticism and Creative Work (03:48)

The internet has made mean, anonymous feedback and bullying possible, to a dangerous extent. Bryan and Murphy discuss responses to their work, and the self-doubt that comes along with creative careers.

Challenges in Advertising (05:17)

Advertising awards are important even though they have become pretentious. Bryan considers lack of diversity a problem in the advertising industry. Though a business struggles to adjust to changes in media, storytelling and big ideas remain important.

Credits: A Conversation With Sean Bryan and Tom Murphy: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Sean Bryan and Tom Murphy: Conversations with Giants

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A Conversation With Sean Bryan and Tom Murphy: Conversations with Giants

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“Fearless Girl” became famous the day she arrived on Wall Street. John joins Sean Bryan and Tom Murphy, Co-CCOs at McCann NY to hear how she almost didn’t happen.

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