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Understanding Technological Change (04:14)


Paul O'Brien and John Immesoete discuss the challenge of keeping up with new technology. O'Brien's company MediaTech Ventures helps large entities navigate new technology and opportunities. He pairs money and resources with new ideas, facilitating the collaboration of diverse skill sets.

Matching Creatives With Business Tools (07:09)

Creative people are not always business savvy, so they have to learn how to pitch an idea. They need to understand their audience and focus on the economic opportunity in their idea. Data can help them access information and tools to reach more people.

Interpreting Data (04:04)

Immesoete defines data as intelligence about what is happening. O'Brien explains why old media and data struggled to predict the last election. They agree that even though data is accessible to many people, companies and experts still need to filter and interpret it.

Migration of Technical Workforce (06:37)

O'Brien and Immesoete discuss the movement of technical and creative workers from the coasts to the middle of the U.S. Lower cost-of-living drives the trend, leading to reorganization in many companies. O'Brien helps investors understand differences in company values and innovation from the coasts to the middle of the country.

Role of CMO (06:25)

CMOs do not stay at a job long because of how fast the marketing environment is changing. O'Brien argues the role is the same, but there are more outlets for advertising and more ways to measure audiences and outcomes.

Accessibility of Media (04:13)

Anyone can create content and express themselves online, but this results in significant "low-quality noise." Audiences expect to engage and interact with media creators. O'Brien argues the challenge is finding the best way to present yourself in an engaging way.

Failure and Reinvention (06:13)

Failing is necessary for self-discovery, so people must be comfortable with it. Over-confidence and logic can lead to success. A childlike willingness to learn and make mistakes is valuable.

Feedback and Growth (03:08)

O'Brien emphasizes the importance of constructive criticism and being able to identify mistakes. The best leaders surround themselves with highly skilled people, so they can succeed in growing the business.

Elements of a Successful Business (04:52)

Innovation and marketing create a foundation for success in a business. These originate in the "why" of a company, bringing out passion for it in other people. Narratives are essential in business.

Credits: A Conversation With Paul O'Brien: Conversations with Giants (00:27)

Credits: A Conversation With Paul O'Brien: Conversations with Giants

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Paul O’Brien is an entrepreneur, startup consultant, and founder of MediaTech Ventures. Why he says the future is now—and how his secrets could be the key to getting your next big idea funded, whether it’s VC, sponsorship, or grant—Paul breaks down the startup ecosystem as it relates to media and technology. Plus, John and Paul discuss the ever-changing role of today’s CMO, and why data should be at the top of every marketer’s mind. Filmed in Austin at #sxsw 2017.

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