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Inexperienced Military Personnel (03:01)


View nighttime footage of a U.S. military and Afghan National Army joint air assault on Terazi. Major Fleischmann's mission is to train the Afghan army in modern warfare. Afghan soldiers inadvertently damage chemlights. (Credits)

Tireless Enemy (01:58)

Afghanistan has been at war for thirty years. Since 2001, U.S. and coalition forces find themselves entangled in an endless conflict. Major Fleischmann embodies Obama's exit strategy to train the Afghan army to secure the country.

Combat Outpost Spera (02:59)

Afghanistan's geography has prevented successful invasion and occupation. Fleischmann heads to an ANA base near North Waziristan, the power base of Taliban and Al-Qaeda militants and Haqqani insurgents. Afghan soldiers get no leave; they bring wounded comrades to camp.

Building Afghan-American Trust (04:25)

Fleischmann discusses rustic living conditions at Combat Outpost Spera. Local tribal leader Muzaffar Khan risks his life to bring supplies and provide Taliban Intel. Captain Ibrahim is Fleischmann's Afghan counterpart; he resisted the Taliban regime and welcomed U.S. invasion.

Observation Post East and Cooperation (04:32)

Ibrahim and Fleischmann organize a patrol to a small camp on the Pakistan border. Lieutenant Fyzel and 35 Afghan soldiers are subject to frequent Taliban attacks from Pakistan. U.S. and Afghan soldiers gather for music and dancing at Observation Post East; Fleischmann offers words of encouragement.

Under Attack (03:36)

Ibrahim commands Afghan troops to respond to Taliban fire; there are communication issues with American troops. The U.S. failure to pursue the Taliban into Pakistan enables them to gather strength. The coalition is positioned as bait.

Possible Enemy Combatant (03:56)

The ANA captures three men crossing from Pakistan; two are locals and the third a stranger named Arabistan they suspect is a Taliban member. After an attack, Ibrahim visits Observation Post East to check on troop morale. Private Mehdi is depressed and Sergeant Ateeq believes his luck against the Taliban is running out.

Taliban Intel and Village Meeting (04:19)

Concerned about ANA troop morale, Ibrahim sends for information. Khan says Arabistan and Sheradeen are Taliban members. Ibrahim sends a patrol to Sheradeen's village as part of the ANA's counterinsurgency strategy.

Military Outpost Scenes and Taliban Types (04:47)

Fleischmann washes clothes, U.S. military mentors train ANA members, and an Afghan soldier prays. Sheradeen and his men request Arabistan's release. Ibrahim reminds them the Afghan government is not against peaceful Taliban—he sends Arabistan to headquarters for interrogation.

Talking to the Taliban (04:12)

Afghan soldiers conduct morning prayers at Observation Post East and prepare for attack; the enemy retreats into North Waziristan. Fyzel contacts them by iCom and tries to convince them to join the ANA; they fear the Mujahideen.

Low Morale (02:48)

Most Afghan soldiers are illiterate and inexperienced, compared to U.S. counterparts. Ateeq celebrates going on leave. Fyzel is concerned about Mehdi's psychological state, and sends him to headquarters.

Nighttime Attack (04:00)

Observation Post East soldiers spot a campfire and suspect imminent Taliban attack. At Combat Outpost Spera, Fleischmann receives authorization for the ANA to follow them into Pakistan. Ibrahim does not want casualties and is weary of being targeted.

Mental Breakdown (04:52)

Mehdi attacks two fellow soldiers at Observation Post East, killing one. Fleischmann and Ibrahim question him about his actions; he says he felt stressed and accuses others of sexual abuse.

Mission's End (02:49)

The body of an Afghan soldier is air lifted from Combat Outpost Spera. Two days later, U.S. and ANA troops finish their tour of duty. Ibrahim says the Taliban would return to power if the U.S. withdrew from Afghanistan.

Credits: The Last Outpost: Afghanistan (00:42)

Credits: The Last Outpost: Afghanistan

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The Last Outpost: Afghanistan tells the story of the U.S. effort to build up the Afghan army, America's only real exit strategy. Shot from the ground and on the frontlines, the film chronicles the war through the portrait of two Afghans and an American soldier in an embedded team of 130 Afghans. The two cinematographers/directors, Tim Grucza and Yuri Maldavski, spent a month and a half with the soldiers in a tiny outpost by the Pakistan border looking into Waziristan. Ultimately, the film is a look at the absurdity of the war and the impossibility of the fight. It will also explore the psychology, motivation, and identity of soldier allies fighting a common enemy but radically opposed in their cultures and ways of life.

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