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Understanding Democracy in Indonesia (03:40)


A team of officers from the BPS head out to Sebira Island to conduct a population survey of the region. They ask the subjects a variety of questions including their religion, ethnicity, occupation, and the state of their home.

Beginning of Democracy (04:00)

Indonesia was once a Dutch colony and only declared its independence in 1945; the nation is based on five principles: belief in only one god, just and civilized humanity, a unified Indonesia, social justice, and democracy. General Suharto, who laid out the principals for the young nation, was the president for thirty-two years, leading a corrupt and violent government until he decided to quit.

Jihad in Indonesia (03:20)

Endy Bayuni, a renowned Indonesian journalist, talks about the importance of the free press within a democratic country and tells a story of a threat they received from an Islamic group. The documentary presenter takes a solo visit to meet one of the Jihad leaders in Indonesia.

Indonesian Economy (10:09)

Indonesian President Susilo Bambang Yudhoyono was reelected for a second term in hopes that the nation would become stable and the economy would flourish. Financial Analyst Anwar Hud discusses the current state of the Indonesian economy and the resources on which it is based.

Social Justice in Democracy (12:51)

Young activists in Indonesia are working to create a "toxic tour" of the poverty-stricken and polluted villages of the nation to raise awareness of injustice. The activists discuss how the coal extracted from their home villages destroyed the lives of many of their neighbors and the environment.

Destroying Indonesian Communism (06:52)

Following the KPK, another institution was planned to consolidate the democracy of Indonesia called the Commission for Truth and Conciliation, but its creation was prevented by supporters of Suharto. The former president had conducted an extremist campaign against the Communist Party in Indonesia, killing five hundred thousand people, mostly artists.

Islamic Extremism in Indonesia (12:13)

As the census workers continue, they find that 88% of the Indonesian population declared themselves Muslims, making it the largest Islamic nation in the world. Indonesian society is still significantly influenced by Islamic political parties; some communities now follow Sharia Law.

Islamic Capital Punishment (08:33)

A young man and a young woman receive lashings as a capital punishment for their "indecent behavior" within a community under Sharia Law. At the Sharia Court in Aceh, the judges talk about the power and authority they have within the community and why.

Reactions to Indonesian Terrorism (12:18)

Abu Bakar Bashir describes how he feels about how five Islamic terrorists, one of which was a student of his, were killed the day before. He claims no country in the world will have peace unless they are all governed by Islam.

Credits: Democracy—How Far So Far? (01:05)

Credits: Democracy—How Far So Far?

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Will Indonesia become the largest democracy in the Muslim world or will it succumb to its demons? Young, unstable, and wealthy, Indonesia sits at the crossroads of many different fracture lines and at the center of many different power struggles. With 235 million inhabitants on its 772 thousand square-mile area, Indonesia is a semi-circle scattered over nearly 3,100 miles. It is the largest nation in Southeast Asia and also the world’s largest Muslim country. The film’s thread is a trip through the archipelago of some 17,000 islands and 65 years of turmoil. The field of exploration is immense because the many demons that threaten democracy are always lying in wait, and Islam in politics is a complex issue. From Aceh to Bali, from Java to Sumatra, from the Sulawesi to Irian Jaya, this film takes us to the places that incarnate the historical foundations of modern-day Indonesia and crystallize the issues of the future.

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