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Chlorophyll Effect (02:53)


Visitors flock to Costa Rica to explore the dense greenery. John runs a sustainable hotel outside of Uvita where tourists can watch the nature. Real estate developers sell luxury apartment homes at Jacó.

Ecotourism (04:23)

Real estate developers sell luxury apartment homes at Jacó. People buy areas for the view. Authorities have not built a water purification plant and leave a building's height up to the developer's discretion.

San Jose (01:54)

Costa Rica organized a tribunal to address issues related to the environment and reduce corruption. Jose Lino Chavez has received 14 death threats since taking office.

Tamarindo (05:42)

A marine nature reserve stretches several miles along the coast. Chavez visits two sites to ensure his immediate effect orders are being upheld. The Costa Rican government extended the reserve and refuses to pay back investors who have already bought and build property.

Guanacaste (04:39)

Riots erupted when the people of Sardinal realized that their water was to be diverted in order to supply construction projects. Developers are not allowed to build if there is no water. Locals describe how they are being taken advantage of.

Southern Costa Rica (05:10)

Chavez examines a projected development site in the Osa region and worries that the coral will die because of excess sediment in the water. Roads cause an ecological imbalance to the area. The owner tries to demonstrate good faith and cooperation to the scientists.

Future of the Coast (03:11)

Chavez visits a development site where the owner did not obtain a building permit. No one will live there because the land is controlled by the state. John describes how the Costa Rican coastline needs to remain protected.

Credits: Costa Rica: Land for Sale (10:18)

Credits: Costa Rica: Land for Sale

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Between the Pacific Ocean and the Caribbean Sea, the smallest country in Central America is now the planet’s champion in biodiversity. However, for several years, the success of ecotourism has been driving Costa Rica into runaway urbanization. Today the country is for sale, regardless of biodiversity. That is why the government has created the Environmental Tribunal. Battle has been engaged. The green judges have declared war on illegal property developers.

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