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Ariane Mnouchkine: Introduction (05:33)


Mnouchkine has directed the Theatre du Soleil for 50 years. The theater has an important teaching role, and through emotional performance, can change a person. The play “1789” captivated audiences with the unique closeness and passion of the actors.

Creating a World With Theater (08:48)

Mnouchkine describes the way that a performance becomes theater. At a workshop, she coaches a young performer in using his imagination and emotion to portray writing. While studying at Oxford, Mnouchkine embraced theater as a way to work toward beauty.

"Macbeth" (06:24)

The Theatre du Soleil presents theater about present day issues and concerns; even classic plays address the modern audience. Mnouchkine explains that “Macbeth” scares audiences today because it reveals the violent greed in modern society.

Theater Rehearsals (09:36)

Audience accounts reveal Mnouchkine’s unique approach to directing and set production. Theatre du Soleil rehearses a play over a long period of time. Actors must believe in the other characters and engage with each moment before they completely learn their script.

Creative Collective (08:30)

The environment of Theatre du Soleil increases a sense of utopia. Everyone involved in the company receives an equal salary, apart from trainees, and the community works toward equality in every way. As the leader, Mnouchkine maintains the peace, while bringing vision and inspiring passion in others.

Audience Experience and "Macbeth" (08:45)

Mnouchkine describes the theater as a place of poetry, where people go for growth and restoration. The entire space is composed and beautiful, engaging the audience from the beginning. With the final lines of “Macbeth” the audience understands the power of Shakespeare and the particular truth of the character Macbeth.

Credits: Ariane Mnouchkine (00:49)

Credits: Ariane Mnouchkine

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Not many theater directors can boast having been at the helm of their troupe for over 50 years and still be constantly creating and renewing their art without losing track of contemporaneity! Ariane Mnouchkine is that athlete and artist who, since the creation of the avant-garde stage ensemble Théâtre du Soleil in May 1964, has always placed a high value on artistic excellence and sharing with actors and audience alike. From the Cartoucherie, a theater deep in the heart of the Vincennes woods near Paris, to New York, the influence of her commitment has never ceased to spread, thanks to an ever-growing public in France and abroad.

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The International Ibsen Award for Ariane Mnouchkine and the Théâtre du Soleil: a Life in Theater

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