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Library Collection (03:05)


The Jacques Doucet Library possesses drawings that Paul Verlaine, Ernest Delahaye, and Germain Nouveau wrote where they spoke of Arthur Rimbaud. Verlaine preserved the drawings and gave them to the Comte de Lautréamont. In 1920 Andre Breton identified and classified the drawings.

Drawings of Rimbaud (04:52)

The friends invented their own language and wrote in it to each other. Verlaine drew a journey from Antwerp to London; Delahaye depicted Rimbaud in three drawings. Germain Nouveau created "The Latin Quarter Always."

Rimbaud at Charleville (02:42)

Delahaye depicted four drawings of the poet. Rimbaud began experiencing terrible headaches after his sister died.

Rimbaud Travels before Africa (06:04)

Verlaine depicted the poet naked with the burglar running away with his belongings. Delahaye drew Rimbaud emerging victorious in Charleville. Noveau lovingly portrayed Rimbaud running after his hat in Java.

Rimbaud the Scientist (04:16)

Delahaye depicted Rimbaud gathering plants and insects. Later the cartoonist portrayed his alter-ego as a combination of Verlaine and Satan. The gun serves as a metaphor for Rimbaud.

Credits: Prelude to the Great Departure (00:23)

Credits: Prelude to the Great Departure

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Prelude to the Great Departure

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The director of the Jacques Doucet Literary Library gives an enthusiastic commentary on some unique items: drawings made by three friends of Rimbaud who, because of their regular correspondence between each other, helped trace the chaotic and premonitory journey of a Rimbaud who, in 1880, was finally ready to embark on the "great departure" for Africa.

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