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Mocking Charlestown (04:29)


Arthur Rimbaud distanced himself from Charleville and used the town ironically in his work. Georges Izambard began working at the college and became a mentor to the prodigy. Listen to an excerpt of "Le Dormeur du Val."

"A La Musique" (04:08)

Listen to an excerpt of "Roman." Guy Goffette describes how he became interested in Rimbaud's poetry as a teenager. In drawings, the poet is always depicted walking.

Revolutionary Poet (03:55)

Rimbaud introduced a new vigor to poetry during his time period. Listen to an excerpt of a letter to Izambard.

Ten Year Notebook (02:06)

The Charleville-Mézières Library possesses manuscripts of "A La Musique," "The Schoolboy's Notebook," and "Promontory." Listen to an excerpt of "Those Who Sit" inspired by the librarian of the time period.

"Illuminations" (05:40)

Listen to an excerpt of "Le Bateau Tyre" and a letter to Izambard. Rimbaud hated Charleville and the middle class. Teenagers discuss what they appreciate about the poetry.

Letter to Paul Demeny (03:31)

Listen to a letter to Izambard about the Paris Commune uprising. Rimbaud wrote about becoming a seer. Franz Barteld discusses the impact of the poet's writings.

Wanting to Leave Charleville (03:07)

In Rimbaud's poetry, the home represented the poet's desire to run away. He predicted the women's liberation movement.

Relationship with Religion (02:17)

Rimbaud participated in Catholic services as a child. Listen to an excerpt of "Les Pauvres a l'Eglise."

Family Farm in Roche (04:39)

The poet wrote "A Season in Hell" after returning from England. While he hated the family residence, he returned several times during his life to visit, including with Paul Verlaine. Rimbaud smuggled goods across the border during the war.

Travels Abroad (03:48)

Listen to letters to Verlaine and Ernest Delahaye lamenting working in the French Countryside. After living in the Ardennes, Rimbaud spent ten years in Africa trading, exploring, and photographing the continent.

Sickness and Death (07:26)

Rimbaud designed a stretcher to take him to the Red Sea before his right leg was amputated. After leaving the hospital, the poet returned to the family farm in Roche. Barteld describes the impact of the author's writings.

Credits: Charlestown: The Eternal Return (00:45)

Credits: Charlestown: The Eternal Return

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This film retraces the presence of the visionary poet Arthur Rimbaud in Charleville (Ardennes, France), his native town. Numerous documents, photos, letters, and drawings take us back on the trail of a fiendish young rebel in a very beautiful town and green countryside that he, however, hated (as numerous letters bear witness).

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