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Conversations on Social Media (08:25)


Conversations about brands and products are happening constantly, and customers are leading this feedback, which has real consequences in the market. In 2014, Facebook and Coca-Cola made an agreement to share resources and benefit from shared opportunities. Laurent Solly explains that the companies share creativity and the desire to invest in a quality communication platform.

Transformation of McDonald's France (06:00)

After the mad cow crisis and rebellion again McDonald's, the company had to reinvent itself, putting quality, transparency, and communication at the fore. Jean-Marc Prenaud explains that the company has to be in communication with critical groups and customers at all times in order to respond quickly. The new transparency has improved quality; Prenaud argues that a company needs to establish a strong image and vision and not give customers too much power.

IBM and Social Media (04:17)

The main priority of IBM is progress through serving the planet. Vice President Ann Rubin explains that the strategy of intelligence and science can improve society; through the Smarter Planet program, IBM helps businesses manage the immense amounts of data. The company's Tumblr platform facilitates conversations with thousands of customers, and allows more people and businesses than ever to understand what IBM does.

Younger Generation and Conversational Marketing (07:04)

Digital literacy is generational—new technologies and social media are inaccessible to many, so companies need to embrace younger employees and often hire an external company to manage their digital marketing. We Are Social designs conversational marketing for companies by identifying consumer concerns and wants and then formulating a strategy. Sandrine Plasseraud explains how this model emphasizes a new way of thinking about marketing.

Credits: The Power of Conversation (00:32)

Credits: The Power of Conversation

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The Power of Conversation

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Advertisements haven’t disappeared from TV just yet, but brand wars are now taking place on a different screen. The war being waged is a digital one. No brand can ignore the power of social networks—2 billion users in the world, an unbelievable sounding board. Social media has changed the rules of communication between brands and consumers. The digital era knows no respite, everything happens in real time, there is unrelenting exposure and interaction in terms of image and reputation. So how can brands successfully engage with social media? Rule number one: they must be transparent and attentive to their customers. We look at how McDonalds France has managed to do so. Brands must also be exemplary and give meaning to their businesses, which is what you will discover with IBM in the U.S. And most of all, brands must be able to adapt themselves to the codes of communication particular to social media. There is a new digital language to learn. In the Digital Age, the future belongs to conversational brands.

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