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Introduction: Name, Age, and Occupation (01:48)


Hear introductions from the five people of diverse ethnic backgrounds featured in this film.

Dushka Beshevic (05:21)

Beshevic describes her experience growing up in Kosovo during a war. She recalls being a teenager during bomb raids and trying to provoke the planes with her friends.

Zhang Xiancai (04:13)

Xiancai recounts his life as a criminal after his time in the army. He dreams of making enough money so his children can go to school.

Graciela Eusebio Quinteros (03:44)

Quinteros describes growing up with white half siblings and how it made her feel. She brings light to her political activism for a better Argentina.

Jacqueline Bertrand (04:41)

Bertrand recounts fighting for women's emancipation in France. She lived in a commune at a young age and participated in demonstrations protesting WWII.

Bruno Lucchio Dino Ferrato Hansen (04:23)

Hansen believes there is life after death. He describes his struggles with learning to sail while in a wheelchair.

Credits: Life Experiences (01:11)

Credits: Life Experiences

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Life’s obstacles and lessons learned that make us live our near and far destinies.

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