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Introduction: Happiest Day (03:47)


A man in Mali recounts when his father presented him to his fiance as the best day of his life. A woman in Syria expresses that the happiest she has ever felt was when she passed her English class. An American experienced true happiness when he met his daughter for the first time.

What Happiness Means (03:15)

A man in Cuba describes happiness as enjoying small moments. A man in South Africa wonders how to be permanently happy. A woman in Italy who lost her husband ponders if one can be happy alone.

Aspiring to Happiness (03:21)

A man in Mali discusses the lifelong journey of aspiring to happiness. A man in Ecuador expresses satisfaction in his life despite living in poverty. A woman in Cuba states that laughing is happiness.

Happiness from Sorrow (03:57)

A man in China discusses his happiest day when he left the countryside for work in the city. A woman in Argentina rejoiced when her children told her they completed college. An American in New Orleans recounts his relief when his house survived Hurricane Katrina.

Momentary Happiness (04:17)

A woman in France defines happiness as momentary. A woman in Bolivia recalls an afternoon where her grandmother taught her to crochet. A man in France describes the fifteen minutes of happiness he experiences when his daughter visits him in prison.

Happiness through Expression (02:26)

A Jewish American recounts debating with a Palestinian man for five hours and at the end of the discussion they both felt the presence of God. A Mexican man discusses crying and how it opens oneself to joy or sadness. A man in Mali describes happiness as having a calm soul.

Happiness through Connection (02:48)

A woman in Ethiopia discusses finding joy through problem-solving. An American woman in Los Angeles defines happiness as telling the truth and knowing that it has been heard.

Credits: Happiness (01:12)

Credits: Happiness

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Happiness, moments of happiness, the sharing of happy moments: an exploration.

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