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Introduction: Name, Age, Family, Career (02:52)


See introductions from several people from around the world. Hear various ages, careers, and backstories.

Love (03:52)

Magalys Dolores Cintra Lescaille, from Cuba, discusses the sincerity of love. Eman Ibrahim Abdel Kader Ahmed, from Egypt, recalls how her and her first love showed interest in each other. Sunao Tsuboi, from Japan, shares how hard he and his love fought to be together.

Dreams (02:44)

Ahmed states that her greatest dream was to marry a man she loved. Mario Soares, from Portugal, dreamed of becoming a pilot. Penelope Gardener, from Australia, wished to be a boy as a child because her abusive father claimed she was worthless as a girl.

The Meaning of Life and Happiness (02:15)

Gardener states that the meaning of life is to leave the world in a better place than you found it. Soares explains that the meaning of life is to be happy. A man in Nepal wishes he could make everyone happy.

Freedom (02:33)

Gardener states that no one is free because of governmental laws and unwritten social rules. Ahmed describes how she feels both free and not free. Lescaille refrains from defining freedom.

Hibakusha (03:34)

Tsuboi recounts living through the atomic bomb in Hiroshima at age twenty. The doctors' association in Hiroshima declared a month after the bombing that the victims would die in two to three years, which made it difficult for survivors to get hired or married.

Poverty and Death (02:42)

Lescaille describes the extreme poverty from living on a teachers' salary. Soares recalls when his friend lost her mother and the event reminded him of his own mother.

Afterlife (03:31)

A man in Nepal states that birth is not the beginning and death is not the end. Gardner expresses that after death there is only decomposition which aids plant life.

Credits: Crossed Portraits (01:08)

Credits: Crossed Portraits

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A presentation of several themes: love, dreams, meaning of life, happiness, freedom, death.

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