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Introduction: Hardships (03:25)


A Frenchman discusses the difficulty he faced growing up with an abusive father. A man in Tanzania describes the drought in the area leading to starvation. A woman in France discovered that her father is not her biological one.

Losing Loved Ones (02:08)

A woman in Indonesia lost all of her family except for her brother in a tsunami. A refugee from Darfur witnessed losing his entire family violently. A man in Cambodia recounts losing his friend in a labor camp.

War and Poverty (03:08)

A man in Rwanda discusses how war has changed his perspective on humanity. A woman in Chechnya learned to forgive from her experiences during wartime. A woman in Cambodia describes her life as a child gathering plastic and metal from morning to night for food money.

Marriage and Separation (04:13)

A man in South Africa ventilates about being divorced by his wife of twenty years. A woman in Mexico recalls the difficulty in escaping her abusive husband. A woman in India recounts being forced into a child marriage at twelve years old.

Children and Sickness (06:59)

A woman in South Africa describes her fear when she discovered she was HIV positive and pregnant. A man in Ireland learned to pack happiness in a short time span from losing both his children from terminal illness. A woman in Sweden recounts the events of her mother's stroke.

Reflection (04:49)

A woman in Los Angeles reflects on misery and hardships others are more likely to face in less developed countries. A woman in Turkey describes finding out about her brain tumor as the best and worst day of her life. A woman in Australia states that she chooses to see her misfortunes as lessons and councils others who have also experienced hardships.

Credits: Testing Time (01:11)

Credits: Testing Time

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What is the hardest thing that you have endured?

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