Segments in this Video

Introduction: First Memories (02:19)


A man in Serbia claims to remember the moment he was born. A Mexican man recalls being in his mother's arms, but does not remember her face. A man in Ohio recounts the physical memory of being lifted as a newborn.

Emotional Memories (04:04)

A woman in Rwanda would tell her father as a child that she wished for four children of her own. A man in Romania wanted younger siblings as a child and was told by his mother that storks brought babies. A man in Cuba describes his first kiss.

School (02:29)

A man in Serbia describes his first day of school which occurred after WWII. A Tibetan man recalls being afraid of school because of bullies. A woman in Pakistan was forced to marry young and give up her dreams of going to school and having a career.

Childhood Dreams (05:46)

A woman in Cuba reminisces on her first dream of being a nurse. An Iranian man states that his dream as a child was to grow up. A man in France remembers dreaming about traveling the world.

Dream Careers (04:49)

A man in Texas states that as a child he wanted to build bridges. A woman in Rwanda wanted to be a nun when she was a child. A woman in Burkina Faso talks about wanting to be a journalist as a child.

Growing Up (03:08)

A man in Mali claims all his dreams came true because he has a sword, a bag, and a knife. A woman in China expresses becoming what she said she would as a child. A man in France states his dream of being around cows is coming true.

Credits: Childhood (01:09)

Credits: Childhood

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A review of childhood, memories, feelings, and the dreams about the life to be built.

Length: 25 minutes

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