Segments in this Video

Introduction: Unity (02:29)


A woman in Mali describes family as a union. A woman in Argentina describes her role in her family's life as the protector. An Irish man uses a wheel as a metaphor for family.

Love and Support (01:31)

A woman in France expresses that support is more important to her than blood relations. A man in Russia describes family as the training ground for learning to love fellow human beings. A man in Nepal expounds upon loneliness being unnatural for humans.

Social Context (01:52)

A woman in Moscow notes that her culture expected her to marry and have children. A man in Benin claims that a family is necessary to avoid individualism. A man in Egypt considers the community a family.

Family by Choice (02:47)

A French woman recounts her parents' divorce, leading to her family growing with half-siblings and stepparents. A woman in Mali considers family to be a tribe sharing blood.

Tolerance and Acceptance (04:00)

A French man describes growing up in a small family. A woman in Turkey expresses her frustration with her family and her desire to be a part of a more tolerant one. An Australian woman laments that family has the capacity to hurt you more deeply than anyone else.

Confinements of Family (03:17)

A woman in Switzerland vents on the confinements of family. A man in Ukraine notes the inevitability of dying alone despite affection for family. A woman in China expresses her sadness that her family was rarely together.

Marriage and Children (05:49)

A man in Ethiopia states he has two wives and many children. A Japanese man explains the "hibakushas," surviving victims of the 1945 atomic bombings of Hiroshima and Nagasaki, had difficulty getting married and conceiving children. A woman in Texas notes that families in other countries have more help with raising children than in the U.S.

Caring for Parents (03:03)

An Arab man in France came back home to take care of his aging parents. A French man recounts when his brother would tell his mother he would buy her a dishwasher.

Credits: Family (01:09)

Credits: Family

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What does family mean? Is it a myth or a reality...?

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