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Branches of Statistics (03:11)


Hear a list of topics that will be covered in this film. Descriptive statistics summarizes and organizes collected data into meaningful units. Inferential statistics draws conclusions about larger populations based on data collected from smaller populations.

Levels of Measurement (06:38)

Nominal variables classify data by categories. Numeric variables are divided into discrete and continuous variables, and again into ordinal, interval, and ratio.

Practice Differentiating Variables (07:07)

Lowe demonstrates how to classify variables using temperature, olympic medals, blood type, exam scores, height, ethnicity, distance, number of friends as examples.

Understanding Variable Types (01:43)

Acute variable classification is central in statistics as each level of measurement uses specialized tests for data interpretation and analysis.

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Branches of Statistics: Lecture 1, Part 1

Part of the Series : Statistics With Naomi Lowe
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In this video lecture, Professor Naomi Lowe discusses the different branches of statistics and looks at types of variables.

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