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Understanding Human Behavior (05:56)


B.F. Skinner discusses how orphanage, elderly, prison, and mentally ill care systems deteriorate due to the inability of patients to exert counter-control against mistreatment. He believes schools are not preparing students to enjoy their lives responsibly or develop personally.

Helping Develop Skills and Talents (03:36)

Skinner says educational systems must use temporary reinforcers to encourage positive personal development behaviors. He uses music lessons as an example of either inspiring children or causing them to reject the subject matter.

Developing Interest in Reading (04:31)

The average American reads no books per year, despite 13 years of education. Skinner advocates teaching students to read fluently from an early age, using positive reinforcers, and increasing interest in subject matter.

Developing Concern for Others (02:14)

Skinner argues that cultures strengthen when individuals develop themselves as fully as possible. Education must build behaviors supporting cultural survival, rather than just pursuing happiness.

Developing Humanistic Values (02:01)

Skinner believes society must shift from individualistic behavior to community oriented behavior while looking toward the future.

Tolerating the School Rebel (03:44)

Skinner says "rebels" challenge and change imperfect educational systems. Incremental improvements and incentive systems are more effective at strengthening cultures.

Enhancing Philanthropic Behavior (01:37)

Skinner suggests teaching relevant principles and arranging contingencies to reward and reinforce altruism.

Credits: B.F. Skinner on Education: Part 2 (00:48)

Credits: B.F. Skinner on Education: Part 2

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B.F. Skinner on Education: Part 2

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This video discussion with John Whiteley, B.F. Skinner presents his ideas on enhancing the learning environment, using reinforcement, and achieving positive learning behaviors.

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