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Women's Role in Society (06:03)


Societal constraints commonly make women choose between creative pursuits and family. For centuries, women could only make art if it had a useful purpose, such as quilts. "The Dinner Party" is a art exhibit honoring the achievements of women.

Woven Paintings (04:45)

Artist Benjie Lasso captures what she sees by drawing it with pieces of cloth. She talks about how women appreciate the time spent on a piece more than men.

Farm Work (03:18)

Lasso owns and works a farm with her husband. She appreciates the connection to the farm animals and nature in her daily life. She is unsure if children could fit into her life.

Female Imagination (07:10)

Writer Mary Gordon says women are more interested in human stories than men. She writes about bonds between women and family members. She has a passion for having children.

Female Author (04:47)

Gordon has a cabin away from her family to focus on writing. She is proud to be considered a women's writer. Work does not have to be sacrificed to have children.

Credits: Women and Creativity (02:25)

Credits: Women and Creativity

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Bill Moyers questions creative women about family/career conflicts. Interviewed: author Mary Gordon (The Company of Women).

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