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Samson Raphaelson (05:04)


Raphaelson was an American playwright and screenwriter known for his Broadway shows and early Hollywood movies. "The Jazz Singer" was the basis for the first movie with sound. Raphaelson states that creativity comes from life experiences that people have or want.

Raphaelson in Theater (05:06)

Some of Raphaelson's plays have been performed for over 50 years. He is mostly remembered for his work in Hollywood, but he had an extensive career as a playwright and theater director.

Becoming a Writer (07:27)

Raphaelson grew up on the east side of New York and credits his imagination to the books he read. He bought a typewriter after realizing his was not going anywhere with his first job. Warner Brothers turned "The Jazz Singer" into the first sound film, launching his career.

Creative Collaboration (09:32)

SeeRaphaelson talks about the importance of having bad ideas and writing bad stories. He worked with co-authors who helped him generate new ideas.

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Samson Raphaelson

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A profile of playwright Samson Raphaelson, whose Broadway hit The Jazz Singer became the first talkie. Raphaelson discusses his collaboration with filmmaker Ernst Lubitsch and his thoughts on creativity.

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