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Tomatoes (05:55)


Tomatoes are native to North America and were first brought to Europe by Spanish explorers. Each year more than 300 tomato growers gather in California to sample new varieties of tomato.

Tomato Innovations (05:33)

Tomato growers are looking for new and creative ways to improve the tomato to increase profits. One grower is trying to change a tomato's shape so it can be thinly sliced for fast food hamburgers. Engineers test the strength of tomatoes to see how much pressure they can handle.

Agricultural Research (05:16)

The University of California at Davis is known from creating advancements in agricultural. Researchers are developing a machine to remove tomato stems without harming the tomatoes.

Genetically Engineered Tomatoes (05:31)

Researchers at Davis are growing tomatoes from single cells using gene-splicing and cloning. The process could allow for greater plant production and the discovery of new plant mutations, such as the ability to grow in saltwater.

Space Tomatoes (03:53)

Researchers at the University of Arizona are working on how tomatoes could be grown in space. They are partnering with NASA to develop corps for a long-term space colony.

Credits: That's No Tomato, That's a Work of Art (03:34)

Credits: That's No Tomato, That's a Work of Art

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That's No Tomato, That's a Work of Art

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Bill Moyers discusses how creative technologies bring new shape and flavor to a favorite food, the common tomato.

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