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"Julius Caesar": Opening Scene, Battle at Munda (06:11)


Julius Caesar warred with the sons of Pompey and lost 1,000 men; the people named him perpetual dictator. Caesar returns to the city triumphant and the people rejoice; a man mocks the victory. This star-studded 1970 feature film production of William Shakespeare's "Julius Caesar" was the first full-color adaptation of the play. (Credits)

"Julius Caesar": Beware the Ides of March (07:44)

Caesar reminds Antonius to touch Calpurnia; a soothsayer calls out a warning to Caesar. Brutus tells Cassius he will not see the order of the course. The crowd cheers and the men discuss Caesar becoming a king.

"Julius Caesar": Offering of a Crown (06:00)

Brutus and Cassius reflect on those who surround Caesar; Caesar tells Antonius that Cassius has a hungry look. Cassius and Brutus ask Casca about the chants for Caesar; Marc Antony offered the crown thrice.

"Julius Caesar": Labeling a Tyrant (04:27)

Cassius follows Casca during a storm. The senators will meet to establish Caesar as king. Cassius mentions a plot when Cinna arrives; Cassius asks Cinna to deliver several papers to Brutus.

"Julius Caesar": Conspirators (10:24)

Brutus considers the implications of crowning Caesar king and reads a missive from Cassius. Cassius, Trebonius, Decius Brutus, Casca, Cinna, and Metellus Cimber arrive; they plot against Caesar. Portia confronts Brutus about his mental state and late night meeting.

"Julius Caesar": Caesar Shall Go Forth (07:36)

Calpurnia dreams of Caesar's death and begs him to stay home. He eventually agrees not to go to the Senate House; Decius Brutus convinces Caesar to meet with the Senate.

"Julius Caesar": Murder (08:17)

Publius, Marc Antony, and the conspirators accompany Caesar to the Senate House; the soothsayer again warns Caesar. Cassius fears the plot has been discovered but Brutus reassures him. Casca is the first to stab Caesar.

"Julius Caesar": Claims of Peace (09:16)

The conspirators proclaim freedom from tyranny and the senators flee; the conspirators wash their hands in Caesar's blood. Marc Antony arrives and shakes hands with the murderers. Brutus will allow Antony to take Caesar's body and speak at the pulpit.

"Julius Caesar": Brutus' Speech (06:38)

A servant tells Marc Antony that Octavius Caesar will soon arrive. Brutus explains to the public why Caesar was murdered. Marc Antony arrives with Caesar's body and Brutus asks the populace to listen to his speech.

"Julius Caesar": Marc Antony's Speech (11:45)

Marc Antony states he came to bury Caesar, not praise him. He remarks on Brutus' honor and claims of Caesar's ambition; the Plebes rethink the justice of Caesar's death. Marc Antony reads the will and the Plebes revolt.

"Julius Caesar": Death and Argument (07:58)

Marc Antony and Octavius Caesar discuss the death of the conspirators while getting massages; Lepidus agrees with the deaths. Brutus accuses Cassius of denying him gold and they argue.

"Julius Caesar": Under Threat (05:54)

Brutus tells Cassius that Portia is dead; Titinius and Messala enter. The men discuss the threat of Octavius and Marc Antony, and their response. Later, Brutus has a vision of Caesar.

"Julius Caesar": Meeting Philippi (06:52)

Brutus and Cassius lead their men to Marc Antony and Octavius. The generals meet on the battlefield and exchange words. Brutus and Cassius say goodbye before battle.

"Julius Caesar": Battle at Philippi (07:59)

The armies of Brutus and Cassius, and Octavius and Marc Antony engage in battle. Cassius sends Titinius to check on the camp and reflects on his birthday. Cassius asks Cinna to kill him.

"Julius Caesar": Death of Brutus (07:42)

Brutus finds Cassius' body; the battle continues. Brutus tells Volumnius he saw Caesar's ghost. Strato holds Brutus' sword and Brutus thrusts himself upon it.

Credits: Julius Caesar (00:58)

Credits: Julius Caesar

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This star-studded 1970 feature film production of William Shakespeare's Julius Caesar was the first full-color adaptation of the play. It tells the famous story of Caesar's assassination and the subsequent struggle between his friend and protege Marc Antony and the anti-Caesar conspirators, led by Brutus and Cassius. Charlton Heston stars as Marc Antony, as he did in a previous 1950 film. Jason Robards's understated performance as Brutus proved controversial. Other performances were widely praised, including John Gielgud as Caesar, Richard Chamberlain as Octavius, Diana Riggs as Portia, and Richard Johnson as Cassius. Directed by Stuart Burge.

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