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Meth Storm: Introduction (01:21)


Mexican Cartels flooded the U.S. with a cheaper, purer form of meth after law enforcement virtually stopped meth production. Police try to stop a car and use a pit maneuver.

Injecting Meth (05:13)

A man struggles to inject drugs into his veins. Veronica Converse attends church with her family; many congregation members have been affected by drugs. She shoots meth at home.

Operation ICE Storm (04:11)

In 2014, DEA agents launched raids in rural Arkansas in an attempt to trace meth back to sources in Mexico. Johnny Sowell leads a team to a known drug house.

Selling to Support a Habit (03:59)

Veronica witnesses her son Teddy's jail transfer; law enforcement is familiar with the family. Teddy is bonded out of jail and Veronica takes him home; they get high on ICE. Teddy talks about getting meth from Mexican Cartels.

Living with Drug Addiction (04:21)

Veronica identifies the homes of drug dealers and users as she drives down the road and discusses the ages she and her sons started using meth. The family celebrates Trinity's sixth birthday; Veronica moves to a trailer.

Meth Dealers (04:12)

Drug dealers often stay in remote locations. DEA agents arrest individuals and confiscate weapons, money, and drugs. Veronica does not care that Teddy sells drugs as long as he keeps them in his room.

Jailhouse Religion? (03:42)

Teddy is arrested for the sixth time on drug related charges; he begins reading the Bible. Veronica believes two women turned Teddy in to the police; she is made at Teddy for selling and hopes he will change.

Doing Drugs at Home (06:24)

Veronica asks Little Daniel to rinse a syringe. She prepares meth and he gets high; Little Daniel becomes paranoid. Veronica receives a letter from Teddy; she does not dwell on what she could have done differently while raising her children.

Recovery Support Structure? (05:41)

Maggie Converse takes care of Veronica and Little Daniel; she wants Teddy to attend Renewal Ranch. Teddy reflects on doing drugs with his mom. Veronica and Little Daniel get high.

Contrasting Activities (07:26)

Little Daniel crashes a cart down a hill; Sowell takes his son fishing. Law enforcement set up a buy at a motel. They execute a search warrant at the suspected dealer's house and arrest the occupant; he sold meth mixed with bath salts.

Small Town Problems (04:49)

Veronica looks up Operation ICE Storm and laughs over claims about drug trafficking. Sowell is a small town mayor. He discusses the economy collapse and arrests changing the lives of drug users.

Health Concerns (04:29)

Little Daniel finds several syringes in the closet; the house is dirty. Veronica injects insulin and reads instructions to Little Daniel's father, Daniel; he struggles with changing his eating habits to manage diabetes.

Teddy's Release from Jail (06:14)

Maggie and Veronica wait outside the jail for Teddy; they tease him about his weight. Teddy says he wants to change the direction of his life; he visits his children.

Parenting While Sober (05:40)

Teddy picks his children up from school with their mother. He explains he has to return to Van Buren County before moving back to be with them. Teddy talks to the girls' mother about being clean and parenting.

Phase II: Operation ICE Storm (08:06)

Law enforcement officers target 46 suspects and confiscate drug paraphernalia, meth, and money. They arrest a supplier after a car wreck; he refuses to disclose where the meth came from. Sowell discusses the purpose of Operation ICE Storm.

Hospitalization and Incarceration (08:48)

Veronica takes pills while visiting Daniel in the hospital; he has cirrhosis of the liver in addition to diabetes. Veronica and her daughter find syringes and pills; they get high. Veronica learns that Teddy is back in jail.

Repeat Offender (03:01)

Veronica visits Teddy in jail and shows him family pictures. He reflects on his children growing up while he is in prison.

Death and Loss (05:25)

Veronica looks through family pictures and reflects on drugs and sexual abuse; she says goodbye to Daniel at the funeral home. Veronica lies on the couch and discusses drugs dulling the pain.

Credits: Meth Storm (01:06)

Credits: Meth Storm

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With unparalleled access on both sides of the issue, this 90-minute HBO Documentary Film is at once a cautionary tale of meth addiction in rural America, and a high-stakes drama told from inside the war on drugs. In Arkansas, 90% of methamphetamines are smuggled over the border from Mexico as a strain of stronger and cheaper crystal meth called ICE. Meth Storm tells the story of rural, economically-disadvantaged users and dealers whose addiction to ICE and lack of job opportunities have landed them on endless cycle of poverty and incarceration—and of the police and DEA agents struggling to stop cartels from flooding the U.S. with this super-potent form of meth. Filmed over two years, Meth Storm is the latest from Brent and Craig Renaud, the Peabody-winning documentarians who explored the perils of urban drug addiction on HBO a dozen years ago with Dope Sick Love.

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