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Prologue: The Journey of Mohammad Ghaffari (10:45)


Mohammad Ghaffari's hometown of Neshabur, Iran prepares for a Ta'ziyeh performance. Ta'ziyeh is traditional Iranian theater that has more than 150 plays. Ghaffari returned to Iran after living in New York and found the country and Ta'ziyeh greatly changed.

The Troupe (14:59)

Ghaffari prepares his troupe for a Ta'ziyeh performance that will debut at the Lincoln Center Festival in New York. Ghaffari is known for being able to gather the best Ta'ziyeh performers from throughout Iran and have them work together.

Six Days to Opening Night (08:02)

Ghaffari and his troupe rehearsal and prepare their Ta'ziyeh performance as opening night gets closer. Performers share how they got involved in Ta'ziyeh. Numerous animals are included in the performance.

Three Days to Opening Night (07:05)

Ta'ziyeh performance has been prohibited and restricted in Iran multiple times. Some features of the performances, such as singing, are looked down upon in conservative Islam. Ghaffari changes aspects of the performance for the American audience.

Epilogue: Opening Night (11:08)

The director of the Lincoln Center Festival explains why he included the Ta'ziyeh performance. An American playwright talks about his feelings while watching the performance.

Credits: The Troupe (01:32)

Credits: The Troupe

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The Troupe

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Ta’ziyeh, a traditional theatrical form from Iran that has gone virtually unnoticed until recently, made its American debut at the Lincoln Center Festival under the direction of Mohammad Ghaffari (an Iranian director/actor who has been living in exile in NYC since 1979). This documentary is a personal look at Ta'ziyeh through the eyes of this man, who has championed it as a theatrical artform since 1975. At its core, The Troupe celebrates the spirit of art and its ability to transcend cultural and political boundaries, as it entertains us with a colorful cast of characters who rally around Mohammad as he conducts his swan song.

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