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Introduction - Exploring the Agile Mindset (01:54)


Agile practices have infused other organizations. This video features Dr. Robert Johnson and is intended to inform professionals on creating an Agile Mindset in an academic setting. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including how Becker College adopted the practice, the four human skills needed, challenges, and best practices.

Defining the Agile Mindset (09:43)

Becker College students are required to take classes about the Agile Mindset. Dr. Johnson describes how the school implemented the academic curriculum. Four unique human skills include empathy, divergent thinking, entrepreneurial outlook, and social and emotional intelligence.

Key Components of the Agile Mindset (05:54)

Best practices include diversity, prioritizing strategic decisions, speeding up decision making, acting quickly, and making use of data and analytics. Dr. Johnson discusses how corporations need to train, recruit, and provide on-going education to promote values and ideals of the Agile Mindset. Employees must be empathetic, able to think divergently, have entrepreneurial outlook, and social and emotional intelligence.

Thriving in a Hyper-connected Economy (06:59)

People resist change. Dr. Johnson uses Nascar as a metaphor for old and new business strategies. Challenges include educating individuals why they need to change; a leader needs to create a vision for their corporate culture and allow employees to succeed and fail.

Conclusion - Exploring the Agile Mindset (03:49)

Dr. Johnson feels that effective collaboration will lead to success. Four unique human skills include empathy, divergent thinking, entrepreneurial outlook, and social and emotional intelligence.

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Exploring The Agile Mindset

Part of the Series : Process Management and Improvement: Challenges and Solutions
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When we speak of Agile today, we no longer pigeon hole it as a development methodology. Agile thinking, ideas, practices, and principles have a home in virtually every corner of the enterprise. We look at it on a far grander scale, appropriately branded as the Agile Mindset. In this report, we’ll, explain and explore the Agile Mindset with the help of our interview guest, Dr. Robert Johnson, President of Becker College. By watching this program IT and business professionals will gain knowledge and insight into the nature of the Agile Mindset. Viewers will also be better able to understand the many advantages that being a truly agile organization offers. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: discuss the Agile Mindset and understand how and why the concept was applied in an academic setting at Becker College, identify the four uniquely human skills that make up the Agile Mindset, understand how organizations can begin to align themselves with an Agile Mindset, and recognize the challenges organizations face as they work toward becoming truly Agile organizations.

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