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Introduction - Enabling the Digital Enterprise (01:59)


Today's technology innovations have changed the way companies do business. This video features Vince DeLuca and is intended to inform professionals on becoming more of a digital enterprise. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including its benefits, rethinking enterprise computing, and best practices.

IT and Business Transformation (04:55)

CIOs and IT departments need to reorganize their departments and hire external service providers. DeLuca describes today's landscape and how customers want greater speed and agility. Ninety percent of the information gathered was created in the last 18 months.

Disruptive Innovation (04:29)

Vogel describes how Uber disrupted public transportation and the taxi industries. Individuals want to consume IT easily during work. CIOs are successful when they look at digital enablement as a transformative opportunity.

Becoming a Digitally Enabled Enterprise (05:19)

Characteristics common to digital enterprises include being willing to transform, customer-centric, data-driven, financially savvy, and proactively address security risks. DeLuca elaborates about how these corporations understand the power of information and build software-defined infrastructures.

Migrating from a Technology Defined Enterprise (03:54)

Digital Enablement occurs when smart technology is applied and consumed through services. The role of the IT department becomes more critical after transforming to a digitally enabled enterprise if they are willing to adapt. Steps to a service-defined environment include establishing a baseline and then working through logical gates of progression.

Challenges of a Service-Defined Environment (04:49)

Challenges include employee's resistance to change and costs money. To have a successful outcome a corporation needs to understand its customer. Deluca advises that companies should consider employing a digital officer, obtain executive leadership, and implement an effective security strategy.

Conclusion - Enabling the Digital Enterprise (02:34)

Best practices include embracing the change, create a plan, and ensure there is a solid service strategy to reach the customer. Modernize infrastructure, analyze information effectively, and create security protocols.

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Enabling the Digital Enterprise

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Modern enterprises must keep up with technology change or suffer the dire consequences. In this report, we’ll offer insight and best practices that will help speed your organization on the critical path to becoming a digitally enabled enterprise. This program features expert, Vince DeLuca, CEO of Logicalis US. Logicalis is an international IT solutions and managed services provider with expertise in communications, collaboration, data center, Cloud services, and managed services. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: understand how technology has transformed organizations today, and why it has become necessary for CIOs and business leaders to rethink enterprise computing from the ground up, recognize why organizations must evolve from a Technology-defined to Service-defined Enterprises, and identify best practices that will help organizations transition toward a Service-defined Author.

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