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Introduction: Avoiding Common Pitfalls with Agile Development (01:32)


This video features Wesley Higbee and is intended to inform professionals on Agile Methodology. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including challenges, realities, how to maximize benefits, and best practices.

Defining Agile (03:59)

Over half of IT professionals surveyed prefer Agile methodology. Higbee describes how most people tend to mimic the people around them.

Agile: Challenges (07:13)

Potential risks include thinking a few small wins means everything is working and not filtering feedback; know when to say no and let go of ideas. People tend to be happier when an Agile methodology is implemented. Higbee describes how run-on development, time obsessions, and silos can create potential issues.

Agile Realities (06:50)

Kevin Sullivan describes seven tips for implementing Agile practices. Higbee explains how corporations should incorporate stakeholders and customers into software development. It is dangerous for the IT department to abandon planning and focus only on daily priorities.

Effective Training (04:11)

Leaders need to lead by example, demonstrate positive habits, and show enthusiasm and confidence. Missed opportunities with Agile include not abandoning counter-productive habits and unused branches. Work on one thing at a time and do not multi-task; corporations need to focus on the "what" and not the "how."

Conclusion: Avoiding Common Pitfalls with Agile Development (03:30)

Adapt to things as they occur and let go of the unknown. Non-technical people should contribute to technical discussions. Motivate people by not discouraging them.

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Avoiding Common Pitfalls with Agile Development

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Agile has an enormous number of fans in the development community. It has, in fact, usurped most, if not all, of the traditional development methods. That being said Agile is not a cure-all, nor a magic bullet. Therefore, in this report, we’ll offer advice and best practices to help viewers avoid the pitfalls and maximize the chance for success, with vital Agile development projects. This program features Wesley Higbee. Mr. Higbee has years of experience developing software and working with teams to improve how software is developed to meet the desired business objectives. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: understand Agile fundamentals, identify the challenges teams face in moving toward this methodology, recognize the realities of Agile practices, and discuss best practices that will maximize the benefits and minimize the risks with Agile projects.

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