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Introduction - Cloud-Based Storage Services: A Case Study from ClearSky Data (01:56)


Organizations are struggling to process and store large amounts of data. This video features Ellen Rubin and is intended to help professionals gain insight into cloud-based storage. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including the ClearSky's unique approach to data, architecture, best practices, and advice.

Introducing ClearSky Data (07:59)

Corporations move to an IT service provider because it increases efficiency, enhances security, and has a proactive approach to maintenance. Rubin offers customers a secure approach to cloud-based storage for a third of the normal cost. Clients adopt an agile cloud model, grow the business, benefit from constant upgrades, and reduce infrastructure that is not high value.

ClearSky Data's Architecture (05:04)

Larry Szebeni recommends assessing a provider's level of support, completing a test run, identifying their local presence, checking provider's track record, and conducting a financial analysis before signing. ClearSky runs services out of metro points of presence to eliminate high latency and improve performance. An edge appliance is given to each customer.

Advantages to ClearSky Data (05:27)

Customers do not need to worry about their data and storage levels. ClearSky costs one-third what companies pay for their storage on physical storage arrays. Data migrates automatically like any other storage target.

Security and Best Practices (06:35)

ClearSky encrypts all data, provides physical security, and regularly tests their cloud-based storage. Rubin discusses Splunk's Big Data. Best Practices include clarity between departments, encouraging good communication, and learn from Managed Service Providers.

Conclusion - Cloud-Based Storage Services: A Case Study from Clear SkyData (02:57)

Rubin explains that MSP is a self-service model and clients expect it to be plug and play. ClearSky addresses concerns when migrating to the cloud.

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Cloud-Based Storage Services: A Case Study from ClearSky Data

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IT and business leaders are struggling to store, manage, and secure the vast amounts of data their organizations acquire every day. In this program, we’ll introduce viewers to a company that’s blazing a trail with a new and innovative approach to data storage and management. Ellen Rubin co-founder of managed service provider, ClearSky Data, will explain how her company can help organizations to reduce the cost and complexity of managing and storing data. After successfully completing this segment you should be able to: discuss ClearSky Data’s unique approach to data storage and management, understand the advantages a managed service provider can offer organization’s today, and identify best practices for working with managed service providers.

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