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Introduction - Testing Methodologies and Improvements: Thinking Outside the Box (01:15)


This video features Rex Black and is intended to help professionals make software testing more efficient. This segment orients viewers to the topics that will be covered in this video including current testing parameters, best practices, and motivating the team.

Testing Landscape Today (05:01)

Failed software projects damage reputations, lose time and money, and can cause destruction or death. Black explains recent developments: companies are moving towards agile methodologies, the tester's skills are improving, and independent tester tools remain erratic. Challenges include the divide between software testers and stakeholders and shareholders misconstruing what the process accomplishes.

Software Testing Best Practices: Thinking Outside the Box (12:01)

Matthew Heusser recommends improving configuration of management, production monitoring, and internal controls on high-volume transactions. Testers need to identify six or seven additional dimensions of coverage beyond the required specifications, not feel constrained by the test itself, and perform a risk analysis. Examine what services a company needs to provide, create a skills inventory to support the service, perform a gap and impact analysis, and implement a training program.

Keeping the Team Motivated (06:25)

Effective project managers should avoid burnout by not scheduling pointless exercises, defending their team, and working similar overtime hours. Avoid incorrect amounts of documentation by identifying the audience, goals, and objectives of the test. Black describes the efficacy of risk-based testing.

Conclusion - Testing Methodologies and Improvements: Thinking Outside the Box (02:01)

Black cautions against accepting a single document as completely truthful. Learn what will satisfy the stakeholders and think outside the box.

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Testing Methodologies and Improvements: Thinking Outside the Box

Part of the Series : Understanding Today's Application Development and Integration Practices
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As development and testing teams will no doubt attest to, time and resources are often items in short supply. In fact, you could say the phrase “do more with less” has never rung so true. The unsung heroes in these projects are the teams of professionals that deliver rock solid work, despite the many challenges that confront them on a daily basis. In this report expert Rex Black, offers testing and development professionals valuable insights that will help them to improve software quality and increase productivity across the life cycles of their most critical projects. Learning objectives include after successfully completing this segment you should be able to: understand the testing environment today, discuss best practices that will enable teams to deliver projects on time and on budget, and identify ways to keep teams motivated and engaged across the project life cycle.

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