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Scarface (05:23)


Imagine if Al Capone was elected Governor. Three Landmark Events contributed to his rise and fall: US Congress adopting the 18th Amendment, the St. Valentine's Day massacre, and his imprisonment on Alcatraz. Trace the history of America from the Mayflower's arrival in the New World to Prohibition.

Memory of Humanity (04:22)

Learn about the effects of alcohol in the human body. After Congress passes the 19th Amendment, Saloons and breweries begin to close; Speakeasies erupt across America. Corruption runs rampant.

Banning Contraband (04:00)

A small group of individuals imposes its beliefs on the rest of the country. Capone attains notoriety when he murders the local Chicago godfather. "Scarface" controls the alcohol trade and adopts a "Robin Hood" character.

Biggest Chicago Mob Boss (02:52)

Capone's men disguise themselves as cops and murder seven members of a rival Irish gang. Authorities try to take action. After discovering he is the target of an assassination plot, Capone seeks refuge in jail.

Tax Evasion (02:34)

The Secret Six appoints Eliot Ness to end Capone's reign. Raids ensue. Frank J. Wilson sifts through tax records and discovers a payment to Al.

Turning Point in History (05:57)

If Wilson had not discovered the document, Capone would have continued leading the crime syndicate. The mob boss bribes the jury; the judge replaces its members. Congress adopts the 23rd Amendment, which repeals the 18th.

Credits: Al Capone and Prohibition (00:47)

Credits: Al Capone and Prohibition

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Al Capone and Prohibition

Part of the Series : Butterfly Effect (Season 2)
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On January 16, 1920, the 18th amendment to the United States Constitution comes into force, one year after its ratification. All sale, production, and transport of alcohol are henceforward forbidden in the entire territory of America. It’s the start of Prohibition. Several criminals grab the opportunity to create veritable empires by means of contraband liquor. Al Capone is certainly the most infamous among them. The United States Treasury gives the no-less-famous Eliot Ness the mission of bringing down Al Capone. Despite the many, and fruitful, operations carried out against his clandestine distilleries, the boss of the Chicago underworld holds out—until another solution is considered: charge Capone with tax evasion. In 1931, Al Capone is found guilty of tax evasion and sentenced to 17 years in jail. His empire collapses with him. During his reign, Al Capone unified the various Italian underworld gangs and created the idea of an organized Mafia such as we know today.

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