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Creation of Constantinople (03:14)


Imagine if Greece was the center of stock market activity. The Ottoman Empire conquers Istanbul in the Fifteenth Century. Three events contributed to the decline of Constantinople: crusaders sack the city, Giovanni Giustiniani Longo is shot, and Sultan Mehmed II captures it. (Credits)

Western Roman Empire Falls (02:31)

The Byzantine Empire expands and grows. Leaders build the Hagia Sofia and the Hippodrome; Eastern Orthodoxy separates from Catholicism.

Memory of Humanity (02:58)

Compare European Cities during the Middle Ages. In 1204, soldiers returning from the fourth crusade sack Constantinople and divide it into several kingdoms. The Byzantine capital is restored 60 years later.

Ottoman Empire (03:30)

Byzantine cities fall. Mehmed II decides to capture Constantinople. Natural defenses like Bosphorus, the Golden Horn, and the Sea of Marmara protect the city; man-made walls defend it.

Constantine XI (04:12)

The emperor requests assistance from Venice, Genoa, and the Pope to help defend the city. Longo agrees to lead the soldiers. Mehmed II orders cannons to destroy the man-made walls.

City Under Siege (03:58)

Mehmed II transports his warships over dry land to achieve victory. Venice sends troops, but Constantinople remains under siege. On Tuesday, May 29th, 1453 the Janissaries shoot Longo; the city falls.

Turning Point in History (04:47)

If Mehmed II had not acted quickly rebellions would have broken out and the Byzantine Empire may have been saved. Ottomans slaughter old and wounded men at the Hagia Sophia. Constantinople becomes Istanbul.

Credits: The Fall of Constantinople (00:47)

Credits: The Fall of Constantinople

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The Fall of Constantinople

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April 1453. The Ottomans, led by Sultan Mehmed II, lay siege to the city of Constantinople. They intend to seize the city and unify their Sultanate, which was cut into two by the Byzantine Empire. In the defense of his capital, Byzantine Emperor Constantine XI can count upon his citizens, and also upon Genoese and Venetian soldiers. The reinforcements expected by the Byzantines are late in arriving, but the besieged city holds firm under the command of the charismatic Genoese captain, Giustiniani, an excellent leader of men. He commands his troops with an iron hand while remaining very popular. He is vital to the defense of the city. On May 28, 1453, during yet another Ottoman assault, Giustiniani is mortally wounded by a ball from a culverin light gun. Deprived of their leader, the defenders of Constantinople panic. The final Ottoman assaults cannot be contained, and the weakened and demoralized defenders finally buckle. Mehmed II seizes the city on May 29, 1453. His army indulges in three days of pillaging. The Byzantine Empire, last remnant of the Roman Empire and guardian of the orthodox faith in the East, has just collapsed.

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