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Gluten-Free Controversy (02:25)


Gluten triggers celiac disease in 1% of the population, damaging their intestines and limiting nutrient absorption. People with wheat allergies also avoid gluten. Science has yet to verify gluten intolerance.

Gluten-Free Diet Trial (03:22)

Sixty volunteers will go gluten-free; some believe they suffer intolerance. They will eat a pasta meal each day; it may or may not contain gluten. They will record any symptoms and researchers will test their blood for gut inflammation markers.

Diet and Eyesight Trial (02:27)

Dr. John Nolan explains that improving colored pigments protecting the macula from UV light will improve vision. Volunteers will consume leafy greens, peppers, and egg yolks for five weeks to see whether lutein, zeaxanthin and meso-zeaxanthin increase in their blood.

Diet and Eyesight Trial Results (03:58)

After eating foods rich in macular pigment chemicals, blood lutein levels increase in volunteers. After taking supplements, Michael Mosley’s lutein also increases, and his vision improves. High macular pigment also improves cognitive performance. Supplements are more efficient than food-based pigment chemicals.

Balance and Health (03:41)

Dr. Saleyha Ahsan explains the benefits of balance and core strength. Learn how to test your balance. Dr. Dawn Skelton teaches exercises that train the brain to improve balance.

Home Blood Pressure Monitors (04:16)

Dr. Zoe Williams discusses how patient stress elevates blood pressure readings in clinical situations. Learn about systolic and diastolic numbers and the correct way to take a reading. Williams recommends comparing over-the-counter monitors to the pharmacist's for accuracy.

Trying Hypnosis (03:33)

Clinical psychologist Dr. David Oakley puts Mosley into a focused attentive state to test his suggestibility. Mosley feels conscious, yet is compelled to follow Oakley's suggestions that can help tackle negative thoughts or behaviors. He writes words involuntarily.

Hypnosis Study (01:34)

Researchers hypnotize volunteers in an MRI scanner, ask them to write as if they were controlled by someone else, and later have them pretend to do so. Dr. Aimon Walsh compares activation signatures and determines that hypnosis is real.

Hypnosis Effectiveness (02:56)

Psychiatrist Dr. Quinton Deely says hypnosis is recommended for augmenting IBS, weight loss, pain relief, and cognitive behavioral therapies. Individual variability and a lack of large scale trials prevents hypnosis from being widely recommended.

New Autoimmune Disease Treatment (03:49)

Dr. Gabriel Weston explains the link between inflammation and autoimmune disease; steroids and immune suppressants are traditional treatments. Dr. Kevin Tracy developed a device implanted on the vagus nerve to control the immune system's inflammatory response.

Vagus Nerve Implant Trial (04:53)

Dutch rheumatoid arthritis patients show lower inflammatory TNF levels and improved symptoms. Learn about a new implant model in development to treat autoimmune disease.

Stretching Trial (04:20)

Stretching is believed to reduce injury risk and improve performance. Dr. Polly McGuigan measures Mosley's muscle power and flexibility before and after stretching. His range of motion increases but power decreases. Research suggests stretching has no effect on injury prevention.

Depression (05:21)

Approximately 25% of U.K. citizens will suffer mental health problems. Ahsan explains that depression is a real illness, commonly triggered by traumatic life events. Four patients share their symptoms and experiences; learn treatment options.

Gluten-Free Diet Trial Results (04:05)

Volunteers ate gluten-free for six weeks with two weeks of randomly eating gluten pasta. They report fewer gut symptoms when gluten-free, but blood tests show no difference in immune or inflammation markers. Possible explanations include psychosomatic or gut bacteria effects.

Credits: Trust Me...I'm a Doctor, Series 5—Episode 2 (00:44)

Credits: Trust Me...I'm a Doctor, Series 5—Episode 2

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This time, Michael Mosley reveals a new discovery that could help us all improve our eyesight, and Dr. Chris van Tulleken carries out an experiment with the University of Worcester to find out whether the fad for going gluten-free can be good for us. Surgeon Gabriel Weston witnesses a breakthrough that could cure rheumatoid arthritis and other autoimmune diseases, and Dr. Saleyha Ahsan investigates the signs and symptoms of depression: what should we all look out for?

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