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Hair Care Secrets: Introduction (03:15)


Millions of dollars are spent annually on hair care research and production, and many companies make claims their products are scientifically proven to work. Dr. Zoe Williams, Professor Dame Anne Glover, Dr. Helen Czerski, and Dr. Laura Waters will visit the research labs of some of the world's top hair care corporations.

Why is Hair so Important? (06:09)

Hair can be designed to express an individual's personality and studies have shown a bad hair day drastically affects one's emotional security and self-esteem. Dr. Graham Hole connects a good hairstyle to a positive first impression.

Hair Transplant Surgery (03:17)

One’s deep attachment to hair becomes most apparent when balding. Joe discusses his experience with hair loss which began in his early teens. He has decided to undergo a hair transplant.

How Much do you Spend on Hair Products? (04:18)

Dr. Waters talks with people about the monthly expense of hair care products and conducts a study about whether expensive or cheap shampoos are better. All shampoos contain surfactants, but high end products often contain additional conditioning agents.

Conditioning Agents (04:11)

Dr. Williams visits the labs of Lonza, one of the world’s leading provider of hair care ingredients, to discuss a friction testing machine with Dr. Jamie Hawks.

What do you Look for in a Product? (03:55)

People discuss why they choose to purchase certain products. Nikki Stopford claims products boasting to be free from particular ingredients often contain other allergens.

L'Oreal's Thickening Agent (05:51)

L'Oreal's engineering team and research engineer Valerie Jeanne-Rose created a formula that thickens hair; the car industry uses similar technology to repair cracked windshields. Many hair products appear to enhance hair, but lead to long-term damage.

Reversal of Premature Balding (03:39)

Dr. Bessam Farjo conducts Joe's hair replacement therapy. He explains male and female patterned hair loss. A specialized robotic machine conducts the harvesting and transfer of hair follicles.

Do You Use Heat on Your Hair? (07:22)

Many people utilize heat to style and control their hair; the thermal styling industry represents billions of dollars in the global economy. Lowering the heat on a thermal styler means less damage, but studies have show even towel drying hair can cause damage.

How do You Feel About Going Grey? (04:46)

Many people begin the graying process between the ages of 30 and 50. Graying is due to a loss of melanin within the hair; masking gray with color is the most effective method thus far. Scientist Des Tobin researches alternative methods to reduce graying.

Future of Hair Care (03:51)

Joe’s hair transplant surgery appears to be successful, but he will see more cosmetic differences six to eight months post-surgery. A man, two years after his hair transplant, explains how this type of plastic surgery is a delicate but rewarding process.

Credits: Hair Care Secrets (00:45)

Credits: Hair Care Secrets

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The global hair care market is big business, with billions spent on shampoos and conditioners across the world each year. The major cosmetics companies are profit-driven, and they make some impressive claims about what’s in their bottles. But can these claims be substantiated? This BBC Horizon program explores the science behind hair care to bust the greatest beauty myths. Do you need to change shampoos because your hair builds up a tolerance? How often should you wash your hair? And what’s really involved in a hair transplant? This revealing film sorts the pseudoscience from the credible claims.

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