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Thinking Afresh: Introduction (01:48)


Shahidha Bari quizzes Quondam Fellow Robert Rowland Smith, Director of Institute of Philosophy Barry Smith, and feminist writer Julie Bindel about the necessity of consistency in culture and in politics.

Robert Rowland Smith: The Pitch (03:38)

Robert Smith argues identity is accrued daily and consistency is the foundation of trust between individuals. He also asserts inconsistency is a vital component of personal growth and development and that creativity stems from inconsistency.

Barry C. Smith: The Pitch (03:20)

Barry Smith asserts inconsistency and change are separate and that progress does not mean lack of consistency. Smith asserts, on the contrary, consistency leads to truth, particularly in the political world.

Julie Bindle: The Pitch (04:20)

Bindel claims consistency is not an issue within her political world, but hypocrisy is an issue for her as she works within the social justice sector. Speaking on the control of the patriarchy, Bindel sees left wing politics becoming more like the right wing.

What Is Consistency and Can We Achieve it? (13:11)

Bari asks the panelists if it is illogical to consider the world is inconsistent; logic itself changes and molds to culture. Consistency may not be something inherently within someone, but it may be something projected onto a person by their family and friends.

Is Being Consistent Helpful or Harmful? (13:02)

Inconsistency could lead to illogical or erratic behavior, particularly within the Houses of Parliament; people who believe in reason and logic are open to their minds being changed. The panelists discuss the categorical imperative.

Should We Abandon Consistency? (06:42)

Bari asks the panelists what could be accomplished in social justice terms if values become more consistent. Being human is linked to inconsistency due to its ability to change and help people grow, according to Barry.

Credits: Thinking Afresh (00:22)

Credits: Thinking Afresh

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We take pride in holding morally and intellectually consistent views about the world. Yet these shift wildly over time, and some see consistency as a patriarchal fiction. Is consistency consistent? Would welcoming a mind in flux open up a world of possibility, or leave us out at sea? The Panel Shahidha Bari asks philosopher of mind and language Barry C. Smith, radical feminist and Guardian journalist Julie Bindel and author of Breakfast with Socrates Robert Rowland Smith to think differently.

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