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Introduction: Positive Thinking and the Name Game (01:52)


Presenter Sean Curran introduces a panel of psychologists and philosophers. They will discuss the topic of naming illness and if people could be healthier without it.

The Pitch: David Healy (02:28)

Psychologist Healy talks about the importance of social context when it comes to identifying and treating illnesses. He explains how the number of identified illnesses has increased.

The Pitch: Dinesh Bhugra (03:32)

Psychiatrist Bhugra says the increase of illness is caused in part by pressure from pharmaceutical and insurance companies. He explains people are also less comfortable with distress than they used to be.

The Pitch: Havi Carel (03:03)

Philosopher Carel explains the different reasons for naming an illness. She says the main reason is knowing what to call a cluster of symptoms, which are not organized in an understandable way.

Theme One: Is Naming Mental Illness Harmful? (15:52)

The panel discusses the possible harm of naming mental illnesses. Healy says the greater harm is that treatment for one mental illness can cause another. Bhugra talks about medical professionals’ role in society.

Theme Two: Can We Think Ourselves Better? (13:03)

The panel takes a question about placebos and the power to thinking away an illness. Bhugra talks about the difference between disease and illness and how mindfulness impacts it. Carel says positive thinking can help but not be the solution.

Theme Three: Are There Viable Alternatives to Medicalizing Mental Health? (11:11)

Carel says medicine can fail to treat people with mental illnesses because other problems might be happening as well. She says there needs to be more multi-agency teamwork in medicine.

Credits: Positive Thinking and the Name Game (00:23)

Credits: Positive Thinking and the Name Game

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Positive Thinking and the Name Game

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When we are ill we want a name for our illness. Yet every case is different, and as placebos indicate, how we think also matters. Could we be healthier if we were less attached to naming illness? Can we improve our health by improving our mind, or is this an old lie peddled by quacks? The Panel President of the World Psychiatric Association Dinesh Bhugra, Senior Lecturer in Philosophy at UWE Havi Carel, Deputy Editor of the BBC’s Parliamentary Programmes Sean Curran and Professor in Psychological Medicine David Healy discuss what’s in a name.

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